November 25th, 2015

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J.W. Schnarr LETHBRIDGE HERALD He may have lost the girl, but in the end, local high school student Thomas Black ended up with the money. Black, a student at Catholic Central High School, recently won a $5,000 scholarship for an essay he wrote for the Credit Education Week Canada

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  • French Immersion planned for Nicholas Sheran

    J.W. Schnarr LETHBRIDGE HERALD Students at Nicholas Sheran Community School will have an opportunity to expand their bilingualism with the introduction of a French Immersion program currently in the works. On Monday, the Lethbridge School Board approved a plan to institute a French Immersion program at the school. The program would begin in the ... Read More »

    6 hours ago
  • U of L, Volunteer Lethbridge join forces for initiative

    Dave Mabell LETHBRIDGE HERALD For many years, students at the University of Lethbridge have expanded their learning opportunities by volunteering with local organizations. But now that service is being recognized, through a joint initiative by the university and Volunteer Lethbridge. “It is formalizing that relationship between the... Read More »

    13 hours ago
  • Donate to Food for Thought, get chance to meet Johnny Reid

    Every dollar counts. But not every donation has to come in a dollar amount, either. Which brings us to this year’s strategy for longtime Food For Thought donors and supporters Ron and Joyce Sakamoto. For 2015, the Sakamotos (Ron being well known as a widely successful music promoter)... Read More »

    13 hours ago

Local Sports

  • Good news for Nielsen, Babenko

    Dylan Purcell LETHBRIDGE HERALD Everything has been going Andrew Nielsen’s way since he was drafted by the Toronto Maple Leafs in June. The Leafs announced on Monday that they signed the 19-year-old Lethbridge Hurricanes defenceman to an entry-level contract. It’s hard to argue with their thinking, as Nielsen had scored more than a point per ... Read More »

    6 hours ago
  • On the right track

    Dylan Purcell LETHBRIDGE HERALD Danika Schmidtke needed a little perspective. The 15-year-old ran in two events at the Royal Canadian Legion Track and Field National championships in Sainte-Therese, Que. in August. She’d set a personal best in the first race, an eighth-place finish in the 2,000-metre middle distance run. Her second run was not as ... Read More »

    6 hours ago
  • The best in the game

    Dale Woodard Lethbridge Herald Nico Pasquotti was the best player in men’s college soccer this season. Pasquotti, the former Catholic Central star quarterback, was named Canadian Collegiate Athletic Association player of the year earlier this month in Quebec. Pasquotti made the trip to accept his award after a season... Read More »

    1 day ago

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By Fescue: Medicine Hat News Comment Incal or johnny57 - what exactly did Ken Oler's history lesson say that was relevant to the topic of Syrian refugees, or... Read More »

By johnny57: Medicine Hat News Comment A good and insightful letter Ken. We must always keep our guard up, history does have a reputation of repeating itself.... Read More »

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  • End shame, stigma of adoption

    Adoption needs to be seen as a positive third option in unexpected pregnancies Sheryl Proulx ADOPTION OPTIONS We know it happens. You probably know someone who has been in the situation, someone who has found themselves unexpectedly pregnant. It really is incredibly common, as an estimated 40 per cent of all pregnancies in Canada are ... Read More »

    13 hours ago
  • Russia’s doomsday machine?

    “Of course, the whole point of a Doomsday Machine is lost if you keep it a secret,” said Dr. Strangelove to the Soviet ambassador in Stanley Kubrick’s classic film of the same name. Fifty years later, it would appear that the Russians have finally watched the movie. In Kubrick’s film, a rogue American air force ... Read More »

    4 days ago
  • Paris prompts security solidarity

    There aren’t a lot of game-changing moments in international affairs, says Peter Van Praagh. But the ISIS terrorist attacks on Paris last weekend, like the 9-11 attacks on New York and Washington in 2001, fall into that rare category. It is, he says, one of those “events that turn things.” It has acutely heightened the ... Read More »

    5 days ago

Letters to The Editor

  • Canada must help refugees

    Canada opens the doors for everyone around the world, especially when calamity is caused by nature or provoked by insane minds. From my perspective, we cannot make an exception for Syrian refugees coming to Canada. A more careful screening process will help to bring those who really need protection. I understand Republicans Bush and partners ... Read More »

    4 days ago
  • What is our leaders’ vision for future security?

    We just celebrated Remembrance Day to honour those brave Canadians who gave their lives for the freedom we enjoy today. The sad thing is this slaughter of millions of people could have been prevented. Chamberlain, the British prime minister, caved into Hitler in 1938 for a promise of peace. Fortunately the British people were wise ... Read More »

    4 days ago
  • Why play American anthem before our own?

    Over the years, Remembrance Day has been a quiet day for me, preferring to watch the national ceremony in Ottawa. Twice now I have gone downtown to the cenotaph where Remembrance Day was celebrated at 11 a.m. by a man playing the Last Post reverently on his trumpet. That was a small gathering. This year ... Read More »

    4 days ago