September 28th, 2016

NDP: PC cuts to apprenticeships will hurt economy

By Lethbridge Herald on April 29, 2015.

Today, NDP Leader Rachel Notley announced that she will reverse Jim Prentice's
cuts to apprenticeship training, as part of the NDP plan to create jobs and build
Alberta's economy.
"It's time for a government that supports apprentices and creates good jobs," said
Notley. "But Jim Prentice is making a reckless cut to apprenticeships that puts 
jobs in jeopardy. The PCs' decision to cut training opportunities is the wrong decision
at the wrong time. By restoring funding for apprenticeship training, the NDP will
support the skilled workers we need to fuel our province's economic prosperity."
The PC budget cuts apprenticeship delivery funding by $6.2 million this year, to
just $41.5 million overall. With 46,000 registered apprentices in Alberta, Jim 
Prentice's cuts to training could jeopardize up to 6,000 apprenticeship positions,
putting our prosperity at risk and making skills shortages even worse in trades 
like mechanics, carpentry, and welding.
"Jim Prentice's budget simply doesn't deserve Albertans' votes," said Notley. "Our
province can't afford to lose apprenticeship opportunities that will only make our
skills shortages even worse and put our economic prosperity at risk."
While Jim Prentice plans to layoff workers and cut training opportunities for students,
the NDP will create jobs by rewarding businesses that hire new employees with a 
Job Creation Tax Credit and by promoting good upgrading and refining jobs here at


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