September 28th, 2016

NDP: Why won’t the Prentice PCs come clean on tuition hikes?

By Lethbridge Herald on April 29, 2015.

NDP candidate in Edmonton-Highlands-Norwood Brian Mason wants answers 
from the Prentice PCs after their flip-flops on post-secondary tuition.
"For too many years now, and despite a so-called cap on tuition rates, PC cuts to
operating budgets have forced post-secondary institutions in Alberta to exploit 
loopholes and increase fees," said Brian Mason, NDP candidate in
"And now the Prentice PCs just won't say what they plan to do about ever-increasing
tuition fees, while hoping no one notices they're running away from the issue of post-secondary education."
Alberta's NDP will ensure a real tuition and fees freeze in the province, so that
all Albertans can access post-secondary education. The NDP's budget would compensate
institutions for this loss of revenue with an investment of $33 million, beyond 
the stable, predictable funding institutions could count on from the NDP for
post-secondary education.
"While Alberta's population is growing, and the demand for post secondary spaces
 is climbing, schools are planning for a reduction is spaces," said Mason.
"Alberta already has the lowest PSE participation rate in Canada after years of 
PC cuts. Under Rachel Notley's leadership, the NDP would reverse this hijacking 
of Alberta's future. What would the PCs do?"


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