September 27th, 2016

Wildrose: Brian Jean releases open letter to all Albertans

By Lethbridge Herald on May 4, 2015.

Today, Wildrose Leader Brian Jean released a letter to all Albertans asking for their support in the upcoming
provincial election:
“After 44 long years, the PC dynasty is coming to an end.
“Albertans want change. They want to know they will have leadership that stands up
for them and speaks on behalf of their best interests.
“But now we are heading towards a crossroads.  We can vote for change Albertans can
trust, or go in a new untested direction that will leave Alberta’s economy at risk.
“I know many of you have looked to the PC party in the past for good government and
good public policy.  But that time is now gone.
“If you have voted for a PC candidate in the past, I ask that you would consider
voting for Wildrose. 
“We have momentum across every region in the province, we are either first, or the
only party who can beat a NDP candidate. 
“If you are looking for sound, principled conservative government, a vote for the PC
party will only strengthen the NDP.
“In almost every riding, a vote for the PC candidate will help elect more NDP MLAs
and that will not get you sound, principled, responsible government.
“With your vote we can make sure we have a government that keeps your taxes low,
makes real improvements to health care, restores our education system and protects
our communities.
“Only by electing more Wildrose MLAs in the Legislature can we put our province back
on the right track.”


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