May 26th, 2017

Castro gave more to Cuba than he took

By Letter to the Editor on January 3, 2017.

We westerners suffer from lack of analytical ability, hence we fail to grasp the whole truth in any given situation and admit it. The western nations have condemned Castro not because of their love for democracy but for their hatred of Marxism. In the past, the U.S. has supported many brutal dictatorships which murdered tens of thousands of their own countrymen merely because they wanted some measure of social justice. lncidentally, the CIA trained them and U.S.-made guns were used.

The biggest mistake the western world makes is that they compare conditions in Cuba with affluent western nations. That thinking is completely contrary to logic. Cuba is one of the Third World nations. Its economic and social status should be compared with that of other Caribbean and Central American countries. Compared to the lives of citizens of El Salvador, Honduras, Guatemala and Nicaragua, Castro gave Cubans a reasonably good life. Free medical care, free education, a certainty of jobs and shelter is much to be thankful for. In contrast, in rich nations like the U.S., 40 million people are without any health care, and post-secondary education is not free. Many millions of U.S. citizens live in dire poverty worst than Cuba.

The West only looks at Castro’s human rights record. They forget that in the U.S., human rights violations take place every day when innocent, unarmed black youth are killed by the police who get away without any punishment.

The living conditions of First Nations’ people are deplorable and violate the basic human right to a decent living standard. I am not justifying Castro’s human rights violations but placing things in the right perspective in giving him the credit where he deserves it. Let us not forget that the reason Castro could not give his people a better life is the unjust sanctions and economic isolation by the west. Marxism did not fail in Cuba, the world failed Cubans. Castro was a great revolutionary who improved the lot of a vast majority of Cubans who had been living in dire poverty under the rule of the U.S.-supported dictator, Batista.

Fidel Castro was a great leader to his people who loved and respected him because he gave much more to his country than he took away.

Ramma Sawhney


7 Responses to “Castro gave more to Cuba than he took”

  1. Trevor J says:

    What a load of BS. If “his” people did not love and respect Fidel he had them executed or just tossed in prison until they died a slow death. When was the last time a western leader executed their political rivals. Castor did decades ago. When a dictator rules his people by the barrel of a gun, having good “schools” and “healthcare” does not make the blood stains go away. The world is a better place now that Castro is gone, yet Cuba is not as Raul is still keeping the barrel pointing at “his” people. Fidel Castro took Cuba’s blood and gave them death.

  2. AlmadeCubano says:

    Trevor, you clearly have been brainwashed to believe the worst about Castro. To answer you question about when the last time a western leader executed their political rivals, look to the murders of JFK, RFK, MLK, and virtually every leader who previously ruled in the Middle East.

    As this author correctly notes: “We westerners suffer from lack of analytical ability. . . .” You, my friend, exemplify that point quite well indeed.

    • Incal says:

      Notice Trevor specified a Western leader. JFK wasn’t assassinated by Richard Nixon, Barry Goldwater or even LBJ. (RFK and MLK didn’t hold Presidential office, obviously.) And the Middle East shouldn’t be conflated with Western democracies; it has a very different dynamic.

      You’ll need to work on your reading comprehension. Trevor’s points are valid, and they stand.

  3. gskinner says:

    As a Canadian working in Cuba, I see and experience the Cuban way first hand.
    When you speak of free medical care, you need to define “Medical Care”. You may think Cuba has good medical care, but I’m sure you would not want to spend 1 day in a Cuban hospital.
    Education, sure it’s better than most other 3rd world countries, but still not great when you add in all the political propaganda.
    Jobs and shelter, well the average wage is less than a dollar a day, and most Cubans need to steal to make ends meet. As far as housing goes, you only need to take a short drive in the rural areas to see what it’s really like, and it’s not pretty.
    The US embargo is not the reason Cuba has problems, Cuba is the reason Cuba has problems.
    Your comments about Castrol are way off, the man was anything but revolutionary. He took everything and left a country in decay.

  4. biff says:

    it appears cuba much like all latin america has struggled with leadership (hmm, this is a world issue, but not to digress). what the usa supported before him, in bautista, was a ruthless maggot of a being. of course that is what the usa is renowned for, supporting the most ruthless leaders just so long as those strong-arms can assure access to wealth coveted by american businesses. one could weigh who was better between batista and castro, and try to measure how their tenures affected the the citizens. to be sure, few of us would be happy to have had either one rule us. it is useful to keep in mind that since early colonialism and then the declaration of the monroe doctrine, the usa has exploited, manipulated, and been the primary reason for the vast majority of strife latin america has had to deal with. the usa political machine cared nothing for the peoples or the land – it just wanted to extract every measure of wealth from these peoples and lands. while there is likely enough evidence to bring war crimes charges to various american officials with regard to their involvement in latin america at large, surely there are human rights charges that could be levied with regard to their embargo of cuba. i cannot help but feel a good riddance is in order for castro. but, he is gone; there still remains the evil empire getting away with putting the hurt on nations, the world over.

  5. Incal says:

    “one could weigh who was better between bautista and castro”

    Batista wasn’t nearly as totalitarian; thus, he wasn’t as bad. It’s not to say he was great. In his day, however, Cuba was faring better than some European countries. The living standard was very high, comparable to America’s, much better than a Third World country’s. It all changed for the worse after the Castro brothers won.

    You’ll notice the perpetually poor Haitians hire themselves out all over the Caribbean, but they never bothered to seek work in Cuba. The Cubans, however, continually sought escape: escape from drudge occupations and forced labor camps, escape from summary trials and long, harsh prison sentences, escape from the fearful atmosphere of not knowing whether your trust in someone could get you turned in or executed. All that was the doing of Fidel and his enforcement apparatus. His rule has left a deep scar.

    Ramma speaks best for herself when she says, “We westerners suffer from lack of analytical ability.” Lickspittle idol worship of a disgraceful autocrat ensues, then. “Let us not forget that the reason Castro could not give his people a better life is the unjust sanctions and economic isolation by the west.” Oh, really? Castro spent hundreds of millions exporting Cuba’s revolution to trouble spots like Nicaragua, Angola, eventually Venezuela, leaving the Cuban people to bear the sanctions while he enjoyed Soviet largesse. He could have used the money he kept getting differently, had the Cuban people actually meant something to him. Instead he just reacted furiously when they successfully escaped, his own daughter among them.

    And this junk claim that “Marxism did not fail…” Where has Marxism ever NOT failed?

  6. biff says:

    incal – “Batista wasn’t nearly as totalitarian; thus, he wasn’t as bad.” i suggest the measure of totalitarianism is less the measure than would be the deeds done. batista was a nasty piece, and be careful with the generalisation that is standard of living. to use the usa as an example, their standard of living is envious in many ways, but there are many there that live in dire poverty, and that are treated as far less equal and are objects of hatred. our neighbour has a long history of a high standard of living coupled with disgraceful disparity and racism. moreover, i suspect your rosy portrait of batista cuba is a mirage, otherwise there would have been little support for a revolution.

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