April 30th, 2017

Real cause of troubles isn’t reported

By Letter to the Editor on January 8, 2017.

We are living in strange times, and 2016 was perhaps the strangest of all, in terms of the political and economic world, and in domestic affairs.

All across the country and around the world, in the daily news of the wars and atrocities, the culprits who originally fermented these bloody orgies are never mentioned. We do remember George Bush’s invasion of Iraq. What a legacy he left!

Today, we and other countries are accepting thousands of refugees who are escaping from the terror of relentless bombing and the murderous war that continues unabated.

Likewise, on our own country’s political-economic front, with the ballooning of real-estate prices in Vancouver and Toronto, the cause of this housing stampede has never been reported. The federal and provincial governments, along with the municipal governments, have all hastily enacted new taxes and new real-estate regulations to stem the flareup.

A few observers remember the protocol that our previous PM, Stephen Harper, had issued to the world’s wealthy to come to come and invest in Canada with a specified amount of money on a five-year tax-free basis, and if they brought their families, they would receive instant citizenship. Hundreds of mostly Chinese and other wealthy financiers flocked in to buy real estate in the Vancouver and Toronto areas. Maclean’s Magazine called Harper’s initiative a flop.

The past year had blessings as well as cruel lessons for humanity, and as they say, we should learn from the past, especially in the political arena where the many promises are fulfilled, and are fair to everyone, and not just the often-mentioned middle class. Above all, we must be aware of the plight of our young working women and men, a large percentage of whom are working limited hours and have to work two jobs to survive! The ladies with children who are in these situations have to be in dire trouble and need to be helped.

These are just a few observations, and the long unemployment lines and busy food banks pretty well depicts 2016.

Blessed are the faithful volunteers who serve the needy people in these premises, and we must ensure that our elected politicians live up to their multiple promises.

Hoping for a more beneficial employment situation and for fair labour laws that need to be enacted in 2017. That is my wish.

Frank J. Toth


One Response to “Real cause of troubles isn’t reported”

  1. Fedup Conservative says:

    There is no question that the Klein, Stelmach , Redford and Harper governments literally sold us out to foreign investors and it’s why we are in this horrific mess.

    Now we have Jane Fonda beating up on us, unfortunately with good reason, our oil spill records can’t be ignored. Too bad Klein and Stelmach wouldn’t have listened to Peter Lougheed. Lougheed had it right, we should have been content with slowly developing the oilsands, collecting proper royalties and taxes, like he did, getting control of the pollution as he suggested, and we wouldn’t be in this mess. Instead Klein and Stelmach slashed royalties and taxes and told the world to come and get our basically free oil. Now we sit and watch our province run deficits because of the $250 billion in royalties and billions more in taxes they gave away while Norway and Alaska continue to reap the benefits of their oil wealth. I don’t blame B.C. one bit for not wanting their salmon industry put at risk for the benefit of rich oilmen in Alberta.

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