July 21st, 2017

An experience with all-terrain vehicle operators

By Letter to the Editor on February 15, 2017.

Some time back, with camera in hand, I was hiking in the West Castle area and proceeding to climb a steep slope when three ATV operators passed me.

As they strove to climb the hill, the last guy came back down the hill ass over tea kettle.

I continued climbing to the top of the ridge, then followed the ridge, eventually returning to my starting point where I found the guy who had tumbled down the hill sitting at the bottom on his ATV, licking his wounds.

When I asked where his buddies were, he pointed to the top of the ridge, where they were, wheels spinning, dirt flying, still trying to approach the top where I had hiked over an hour ago on foot.

As far as I know, they are still there, trying to reach the top of the hill.

They were from Calgary, you understand.

Mel Godlonton


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  1. biff says:

    well, mg, while you underscore the scourge of much of the off road community, your letter also brought a tear to my eye. the image of one brave moto-climber having been shot down by the pitch of the hill, or the gravity of nature, or lack of manly horsepower, sitting there broken while his brave companions, now an hour further along, do their best to carry the torch to its highest heights, perhaps in homage to the incapacitated one…well, the tenacity just touches my heart, and portends their goal will be achieved. as their skidding wheels churn up a storm of furious earth, by god they will either hence make it to the very top, or the angry machines will mill the hill down to their collective level.

  2. Fedup Conservative says:

    It reminds me of a young man , years ago, who told me that it was fun going to Valemount B.C. and trying to start an avalanche to see if you could out run it on your snowmobile. I often wonder if he is still alive or did an avalanche finally get him. I also wonder how many of these guys who have been killed over the years were doing the same thing, as we hear about how wonderful they were, and how much they loved their families, apparently not enough to keep them from putting their lives at risk.

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