July 26th, 2017

The elephant in the room

By Letter to the Editor on March 15, 2017.

The outrageous entertainer Liberace embodied a dictum: “Nothing succeeds like excess” like an elephant in the room. Jonathan Kay, Editor-in-Chief of the Walrus magazine, spoke on the CBC TV about the dilemma journalists faced during the 2016 U.S. election. The now elected president was such a reprehensible figure that he should have been ignored. But he was also so omnipresent in the media that no journalist could afford not to cover him. So he became famous. And it worked.

During the 1970s, the World Council of Churches was widely condemned by mainline media for its decision to support African liberation movements such as Nelson Mandela’s African National Congress. They accused the church of supporting Communist terrorists. Archbishop Ted Scott, then Primate of the Anglican Church of Canada, was derided as “Red Bishop” because he was also the head of the World Council of Churches. I was expelled from South Africa after a three-day detention. We suffered much negative publicity.

However, late Hugh McCullum, then the editor of the United Church Observer, said to the effect, even bad press is good for publicity because it draws public’s attention. People will know you exist. Notoriety still is a fame. Otherwise you remain nobody. This is why twisted minds drive people to commit terrible crimes to be famous.

Many people no longer read newspapers and have moved away from TV to social media. Hence, knowledge is Twitter length; mere 140 characters. Nobody seems interested in perhaps more relevant details. So to be a recognizable name is good on the election day. Watch the Conservative Leadership race and see who gets more attention. A reality TV personality.

How often the reference was made of the now U.S. president on social media is truly phenomenal. It was a huge exposure. It does not matter how negative it was, it’s an amount of the coverage that counts. Those who didn’t like him should have ignored him. Being ignored is the worst thing that could happen to megalomaniacs. But how can one ignore a big, ugly thing in the same room? It was the dilemma Jonathan Kay referred to.

Now an elephant is stomping around the country destroying what many decent people cherish. But the country is so divided that no one seems to be able to effectively stop it. Let’s hope it won’t happen in Canada.

Tadashi (Tad) Mitsui


2 Responses to “The elephant in the room”

  1. already extinct says:

    Tad Mitsui, has raged against Donald Trump before many others have to.

    In their eyes this :reprehensible figure” this “megalomaniac “Trump should be ignored some even insisting he’s so hated he’ll not make it to the end of his term without stopping a bullet. Where does this hate come from?

    A whole contingent of women from Canada spent a lot of carbon, a lot of wasted time, collecting themselves to go to protest TRUMP – to protest this reprehensible figure” forgetting conveniently as per the above writer that in the history of Western politics, there has never been and likely never will be a more reprehensible, corrupt, or morally defunct pair defiling the presidency of the United States of America than Bill & Hillary Clinton, and yet the smart minister of the cloth forgets or ignores. Where did he (they) write or protest the corruption? I didn’t see – cars buring In the streets – windows breaking – women from thousands of miles away wanting Bills head – they loved them then and they love them now – CRAZY!

    Dozens have written books about the vile Clinton corruption – the likes of their security people Gary J. Byrne, Gary Aldrich, William Bennett, Isikoff, Malkin on and on – others very close to the Clintons.

    The way Hillary treated her personal staff , breached American security, shielded her equally corrupt husband when he literally was using the White House as a brothel and well before his time in the white house – the names and the lists are endless – and its all forgotten now and we’re on to the latest “reprehensible”

    Closer to home, if anyone still thinks Trump is tainted , I’d suggest picking up Newmans “The secret Mulroney Tapes” or Camerons 500 page “On the Take” – Crime, Corruption and Greed in the Mulroney Years”.

    Most of you who depend on the ample hate mongering media for your news, have forgotten very conveniently how vile and morally corrupt that Mulroney government and it’s leader were, yet you continue to rail against Trump – who few know anything about

    Oh, if you don’t get enough out of the readers mentioned on the Clinton corruption and reprehensivness, I suggest Charles Lewis’ book “935 Lies” . That one should settle you down for good and help you forget Donald Trump’s “lies”, as he gives it all to rid America of the very criminals he took office from – do I need remind – with the support of the majority of the America public, who were fed up with it all.

  2. Montreal13 says:

    Whether you are comfortable with the latest U.S. elections results are not- it seems to me that Trump definitely reinvented the wheel, in politics. The spin may not be to many people’s liking as he dumped alot of convention on its head, among a few other things. For those who wanted change, best of luck and fasten your seatbelts- road conditions may vary.

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