August 19th, 2017

New definition of ‘free’

By Letter to the Editor on March 17, 2017.

The story which appears under the headline “Free energy efficient products” states that various energy-efficient items can be installed with “savings” to the citizen and that “All of the upgrades are at no charge to you as they will be available through the program.”

The use of the word “free” in the headline must involve some new, alternative definition of “free.”

The money for this program comes from the recently imposed carbon tax that all Albertans must pay. This tax will cost Albertans hundreds of millions of dollars and will be increased next year. It is my understanding that this tax is presently $20 a tonne of emissions and will increase to $30 next year.

When Albertans fill their cars, they now pay an additional four-and-a-half cents per litre at the pumps and that will go up to six-and-a-half next year. Then there is the upward effect on everyone’s heating bills, etc.

Having scooped all this money from Albertans, the government gives a small amount back for certain “programs” and then has the audacity to claim that the citizen is benefitting from “savings” and getting things for “no charge”?

Sure. And pigs can fly.

Robin Dann


6 Responses to “New definition of ‘free’”

  1. already extinct says:

    You are absolutely correct Robin, and what’s more difficult to understand is the sheer numbers of folks who’ll buy the B.S. and say or do nothing.

  2. johnny57 says:

    On the bright side Robin, only two more years of this nonsensical-accidental government.

  3. meisplayfull2 says:

    Also on the bright side the average human exhales about 2.3 pounds of carbon dioxide each day and we should be grateful that was not included in the carbon tax, at least for now. And please remember Shannon’s brilliant Jan 1 comment “we are still standing” Reminds me of all the cartoons where the light bulb above the head is on to reflect a good idea. Shannon is a joke and definitely needs a free lightbulb.

  4. phlushie says:

    The pervasive problem that remains is : that even if we elect a new government the revenue stream created by the carbon tax will remain. A good example is the GST and income tax. If you can remember when income tax was instigated, people wee told that it was temporary to help the government recover from the war. We, the people, are always misled.

  5. The current carbon tax of $20/tonne this year and $30/tonne next year may be just the tip of the iceberg. The following quotation is from page 37 of the Alberta Climate Leadership Panel’s recommendations to Minister Phillips.

    ““We recommend a carbon price starting at $40 per tonne of CO2 emitted in
    2016, with a schedule for increasing it by $10 per tonne annually over the
    first 10 years of the policy. This is generally the level of stringency necessary
    for Alberta to make a fair contribution to Canada’s international
    – Pembina Institute submission to the Panel”

    Since Minister Phillip’s seems to rely heavily on so-called “science – based evidence” from the Pembina Institute this could be a good indication of future carbon taxes under an NDP government.

  6. already extinct says:

    Unattached to any political regime or system I can say this with some confidence, relative to six decades of observation and study.

    Rail on the NDP, Liberals, Conservatives or some other Commie outfit, none of them when holding the reins, reverse much of what they critized before they did. They all freely without blinking can look you in the eye -tell you one thing at the door, and do another once you give them the keys to the treasury. They’re just as greedy for money to fund their fun as any of their predecessors.

    The proof will surface in two years or so when the NDP experiment is given the boot and Kenny gets the nod. Nothing absolutely nothing is going to change even through they tell you now, it’s going to be very different – it will not!

    Maybe we should have stuck with the devil we knew, maybe we should stick it out with the present devil – get used to the radical socialist agenda sweeping the planet – at least this troop of amateurs haven’t mastered the art of denying they’re out to own us lock stock and barrel, with their wealth distribution agendas.

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