July 26th, 2017

Too much nothing getting done in courts

By Letter to the Editor on March 18, 2017.

I just saw on the news that more court cases are being thrown out because they have been in the system too long. I thought lawyers and judges went to school to learn to read. Apparently not, because every day in the paper there are notices that trials have to be delayed so that the lawyers and judges need more time to study the case – or is it they are just jacking up their fees? I wonder!

The justice system in Alberta is totally a mess. I talked with a police officer and he said that they do their job of collecting the people who are disobeying the law one way or another, doing the proper paperwork, etc., and that they have to take time to attend court, only to have a lot of the cases dismissed for no apparent reasons. What a waste of time and resources.

While I’m at it, what about all these cellphones everyone is on while driving? A simple solution would be to just seize the phone for three days when caught. How about the guys who have had their driving privileges suspended for DUI or other infractions? Seize the vehicle for a week. If it’s his mother’s vehicle or his boss’s, you think they might get the message pretty quick without bothering the courts?

Obviously something has to be done to rectify all this nothing getting done! Hey, folks involved, get your act together and do a day’s work for a day’s pay for a change.

Jack Collier


6 Responses to “Too much nothing getting done in courts”

  1. Fedup Conservative says:

    Just one more wonderful thing the Klein, Stelmach and Redford governments didn’t do for us , as lawyers point out. While the population increased they couldn’t be bothered to increase court space, hire additional staff and the system can’t handle the huge number of cases it’s been facing.

    I fully agree with Jack start taking away phones and cars but this province is so broke it can’t even set that up. Doctors tell us that the biggest thing our young people are going to face is the massive lack of nursing home spaces. Just one more thing they didn’t bother to address. Yet giving away billions in royalties and taxes to their rich friends was quit acceptable.

    Young Albertans may end up with a parent living in a bed in their living room, with them forced to be their care giver. Other wise these seniors needing nursing home care will fill up our hospital beds, delaying more and more surgeries to the point where more and more lives are being lost, which is something we have seen already.

  2. already extinct says:

    I guess if Albertans lived in a bubble sensible people in numbers might have some justification to blame a long dead premier for a multitude of challenges facing humans today. One of the gravest of those challenges world wide is medical care.

    Does anyone think that the capacity of man to deal with his follies, his needs and his desires would have anything at all with the fact that in the last 200 years, the planet has 6,500,000,000 more people to deal with than prior?

    Probably not!

    In the mind of a few Ralph Klein the wonderful old political dartboard, “as lawyers point out” is responsible for it all!

  3. George McCrea says:

    Might have something to do with patriating the Constitution and the Charter of rights which has bogged down the system. But what the hay FUC why not toss in Aberhart, Manning, Strom, Getty, Hancock and Prentice.

  4. meisplayfull2 says:

    Today on page 2 “A warrant was issued for Yasir’s arrest, but it was later vacated after the judge learned the failure to appear in court was simply an oversight and the defence may have gotten court dates confused” There should be an automatic fine for this lawyer, say 2 or 3 times full court costs. And to FUC your are so not interesting anymore, just a man so full of hatred, your comments are not even funny anymore, just patheic you are so stuck in the past.

  5. Fedup Conservative says:

    Of course the ignorant Albertans have to add their remarks. Voted themselves into the mess we are in but just not smart enough to understand it. Haven’t bothered to talk to any lawyers or judges about it, but they are a lot smarter than any of them. Hope you boys like paying for the $300 billion for clean up of the orphaned wells Klein gave you. I’m betting you will see a sales tax to pay for it down the road.

    I’m sure you would love to see the Wildrose and Conservatives privatize our health care system so you have to pay $400.-500. per month each, like my American cousins are forced to do. They are promising that’s what they will do if you elect them. Unfortunately i have the facts and all you have is your idiotic comments that prove nothing. If you don’t like what I say you don’t have to read it, but that’s too intelligent a solution for you guys. The fact is you feel guilty and are trying to defend your stupidity and can’t. I learned that from lawyers and university professors I have been associated with.

  6. already extinct says:

    meisplayful2 – I couldn’t agree with you more on lawyers having to pony up costs of their mistakes. That of course is another matter of which plenty has been written about in professional journals and discussed in political circles. Don’t sit on your hands waiting for that to happen. Lawyers own us!

    Now apologies to Mr. Collier for the digression. But the smart guy from up north, with all the smart lawyers, judges, relatives in the states, coffee pals, and who knows what else the Harvardly scholar draws from, needs a tune-up .

    Not to waste much time on this fella, but he is indeed “stuck in the past” especially if he thinks Canadians would ” need $400 – $500 per month each ” for health care if the Wildrose and Conservatives privatized “our health care system”. Where’s proof of that?

    He says he has “the facts” and we “ignorant Albertans” have nothing but “idiotic comments”.
    Well this is the joke of the year thus far on these comment boards. FU-Con proves he’s not giving that title up easily!

    First , respectfully my good fellow health care is a federal matter, and the Wildrose will not soon be in the federal play

    Then I’d sadly like to inform you that that “$400-$500 per month each” you talk of has been surpassed long ago for thousands of Canadians. I know of one fellow, a cancer survivor, who spends a thousand dollars a month out of his own pocket, to keep himself alive. He will be completely drained of his material, and monetary wealth by 2022(if he lives that long) and only then will he be eligible for government assistance – isn’t that a wonderful Canadian value, run a guy who contributed to the Canadian economy for 45 years straight, then when he needs help run him into the ground before offering a hand up – a good example of our free health care – a myth!

    The Fraser Institute tells us that a Canadian Family of four right now pays just nickels and dimes below $1000.00 EACH MONTH for basic health care, and let me tell you unequivocally the massive tax grab to keep it at that number only scratchs the surface of the REAL cost of health care in this nation. Not enough comes close to addressing a ton of medical issues thousands of Canadians get caught up in which they end up paying for out of their own pocket each year, with after tax dollars.

    The only people I’m aware of who get a free ride are treaty Indians, jail-birds and foreigners jumping the border, (with the help of border patrols, the RCMP, and the Liberal government encouraging it)!.Another spectacular Canadian value – we’re so kind – so full of passion – ya!!!

    Personally I’d like to see more money directed toward mental illnesses, in all it’s forms. There seems to be an increasing number of people who need the help -who obviously aren’t getting it.

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