August 23rd, 2017

Minister needs to resign over ‘sewer rat’ remark

By Letter to the Editor on March 19, 2017.

Re: Sarah Hoffman’s sewer rat comment.

The (dis)honourable Sarah Hoffman needs to step down and leave provincial politics permanently.

As a member of the government of the day and as the Minister of Health and as the Deputy Premier, Sarah Hoffman represents all Albertans, whether we agree with her politics or not. She is a member of the duly elected provincial government. Thus it truly is outrageous that this MLA referred to people that Joe Anglin is associating with (voting Albertans) as sewer rats is unforgivable.

This is a display of the contempt that this NDP government holds for its constituents and specifically that this MLA has for all Albertans. Sarah Hoffman, you need to leave politics for good.

Christopher Thompson


2 Responses to “Minister needs to resign over ‘sewer rat’ remark”

  1. George McCrea says:

    This “sewer rat” agrees with you. This would be a 24/7 media hounding if it were any other party.

  2. Montreal13 says:

    I have little doubt that you are totally correct , George McCrea.

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