August 23rd, 2017

Opioid crisis and PM’s pot promise

By Letter to the Editor on March 19, 2017.

The recent question period in Vancouver, when reporters asked Prime Minister Trudeau about the epidemic of the opioid death toll in B.C. with already near 1,000 deaths, brought back memories of his election promise to legalize marijuana.

It’s common knowledge to the average person that those with a tendency to seek out new modes of excitement and pleasures would be attracted to narcotics. Initially they start out on marijuana and seek stronger kicks, if you will, and end up on opioids.

Ironically, the word abstinence, in the whole Question Period, was never heard, despite the increasing rate of opioid deaths that has reached countrywide chaotic proportions. In my 90-plus years, I have not witnessed a ongoing human tragedy to compare to this. Premiers and mayors are screaming for financial and medical help.

The only positive idea to help quell this epidemic was from a retired ex-police chief who came up with the idea a few years back to build six to eight medical-like quarters at least a hundred miles or so up north where these drug addicts could be sent to dry out. It may sound silly, but the whole country is waiting for some magic solution to quell this frightful and increasing death scourge that is even happening to some seniors who are on prescription painkillers.

The PM’s speech referred to stopping the billions of dollars that the narcotic peddlers are making. You probably saw the CBC program about Mexican Mennonites bringing drugs to Canada from Mexico. A very lucrative business indeed. It revives the old adage “Money is the root of all evil.”

When you open the sluice gate to habitual users, it sure grabs the attention of large segments of the population.

Mr. Prime Minister, many people put the responsibility and blame on your election promise of legalizing pot and its dreadful ongoing results right on your doorstep, even before it becomes law.

Frank J. Toth


21 Responses to “Opioid crisis and PM’s pot promise”

  1. John P Nightingale says:

    “Apples and Oranges”.

  2. Pecker says:

    Sounds like Frank has been watching reefer madness.Weed has no
    connection to harder drugs. I know back in the day you had very
    limited sources of information so you believed what ever the gov.
    told you, but its time to pull your head out of your a_ _ and do
    some proper research.

  3. already extinct says:

    yes do “some proper research” and check the mind boggling testimony of hard core drug users both repaired and active who most told the studies they started in their early youth or teens sneaking tobacco, graduated to some mind/mood altering crap like pot, and in many cases, (check east Vancouver) their lives deteriorate from that point on.

    The stats don’t tell us there’s no problem with drugs of every kind in this country, or that pot isn’t behind one hell of a lot of the problem, despite what a pothead will tell you in defense of it.

    Anyway, I actually see no point belabouring this, Canadians are going to have to deal with people drugging themselves with sanctioned products. What I can’t figure out is why so many people need to drug themselves to get through a day – it’s simply unbelievable!

    All the work expended to this point attempting to educate young people about the harm of smoking anything has just gone down the drain, and the Liberals who are proving they’ll do anything to stay in power have the blood of legalization of pot on their hands.

  4. Pecker says:

    Extinct I won’t bother trying to change your mind because everybody
    knows you can’t fix stupid.

  5. already extinct says:

    Glad you recognize that sir or madam, and one thing else. You can opine all you want – but you can’t change the facts.

  6. Fedup Conservative says:

    already extinct certainly has it right. Every reformed heroin addicts I every heard speak, and that was six of them , during my children’s high school years all said it started with cigarettes, then marijuana, then cocaine and then heroin. Rob Ford, in an interview, I saw said the same thing . He had gotten as far as cocaine and heroin was likely next. The studies been done in the U. S. on states that have legalized it are frightening . A 40 % increase in injury accidents and a 36% increase in deaths all attributed to driving drug drunk. While we whine about the cost of our health care system this is certainly going to add massive amounts to it.

    I still think we should all band together and sue Justin Trudeau and his MPs if this goes through. Lawyers state it can be done.

  7. old school says:

    Buy a pack of cigarettes and read all the warning labels on it,
    mandated by our government.
    Then try to understand government pushing to legalize
    smoking marijuana.
    Can’t fix stupid!!

  8. Pecker says:

    You old guys should stick to talking about the weather and let the younger folks
    run things. Most of your opinions haven’t been relevant since the 1950 s.

    • old school says:

      Not talking relevance, talking “facts”as presented by our leaders .
      Smoking is bad for you.Weather tobacco or weed .Just do not get the
      Hypocrisy coming from leaders.Maybe shows a lack of commen sense.

  9. already extinct says:

    Well I’m absolutely pleased to put my money in Fed-up Conservative & old schools’ corner on this one.

    I suspect both may be a little smarter on this account than given credit for by some who think those of us who read the studies ( in my case participated in two of them), don’t know what we’re talking about.
    We share commonality in the evidence before us in real time with real live human beings whose lives were shattered beyond belief. Those who survive the tragedy’s few imagined they would become part of, when they were stealing the old mans cigarettes at 12, are the guys and gals today who went through hell to get reformed at taxpayer expense visiting schools & universities, jails pleading with the current crop of experimenters to not follow their horrible example and become addicts.

    The peer reviewed studies and journals show conclusively that smoking pretty much anything, excessively, leading to addiction, is a completely unnatural activity, leading to a plethora of cancers, respiratory disease, addiction, and other maladies doctors describe as mind numbing human depravation.

    Fortunately there’s only one truth, and I’ll draw from the studies done, the professionals in policing and medicine some I know personally – who have written and spoken publically about this curse. You won’t find many people attending to the ever increasing human catastrophes who support adding more to the mess currently costing countless millions annually to clean up, and its getting worse every year.

    As for suing Trudeau, I’d hold up on that thought, Fed-up.

    Both Mr, Harper and Mr, “wildeyes” Mulcair, if elected were going the same route as the current PM -, both said they too would legalize pot.

  10. biff says:

    how brainwashed are the masses. if pot use led to heroin use, we would have millions upon millions of heroin addicts in canada today. but the fact is we do not, because the vast majority of pot users do not move on to heroin. we have been sold many big lies by our gov’ts over the ages, and pot being the gateway drug is one of them.
    adults have every right to choose what they wish to ingest. look after yourself and leave others to their choices. in other words, mind your business.
    excellent replies jpn, pecker, and lglee.
    lastly, the biggest problem with drugs and their use is that they are somehow allowed to be outlawed. such laws should not be tolerated in free societies. the cost of products that grow like weeds – because they are weeds – should be very little. coffee is typically far more labour intensive and finicky and expensive than heroin and cocaine, yet a pound of the stuff is affordable for most. go figure. drug prices are artificially inflated because of the risk prohibition places on the providers. if drugs were legal, they would be cheap like other vegetation, and the fall out from use would be greatly mitigated. the most damning of all drugs today is alcohol, but we still get by despite the addiction rate and fall out associated with its use. by the way, i never heard of a heroin addict, or a pot user, beat up their wife or kids because of the effects of the drugs. i think there have been a couple such incidents associated with drunkenness. (i am not saying outlaw alcohol)

    • already extinct says:

      I don’t know about we being the laughing stock of………………but “indeed “how brainwashed are the masses”.

      Good news for you dopers though – synthetic marijuana is on its way, cheap cheap cheap $1.00 to $2.00 a joint – kidney and brain damage be dammed, in Canada health care is FREE. Ah you’ll all probably will never need anything other than a few joints anyway – the magic fixes all elixir will get you up and running!

      Oh, how I wish people didn’t need stimulants, drugs or mind altering substances most never intended to serve as food , or feel the need to defend their use, to get through a day, or that this curse of mankind, wasn’t a concern for the medical industry, the police, psychiatrists, social workers, kids playing in the parks running into drug paraphernalia, etc etc.

      What a wonderful world it would be – as old Louis said in the song.

  11. Fedup Conservative says:

    Sadly as we all know Albertans are the laughing stock of Canada and to American oilmen working here. and these ignorant fools prove it. Not only do they not give a damn about who gets hurt, they don’t care about the added costs to police this, or pay for the accidents it will create. I coffee every morning with a woman from Colorado and she certainly knows what it’s done to that state her relatives didn’t want it either but ignorant people got it pushed through.

    The pictures at the recent Conservative leadership convention once again speak volumes about many Alberta seniors. About 75% of the audience was seniors letting themselves be treated like morons, electing another former Liberal, turned Reformer, as leader of the Conservative party. Now the Reform Party boys from the Harper government will be able to bring their Reform Party policies of a lot more privatization to Alberta. As those of us know it’s all about looking after their own well being and those of their rich friends and who gives a damn about anyone else. There will be a lot of seniors who won’t be able to afford to live in this province if they ever get elected.

  12. Fedup Conservative says:

    I think already extinct would agree with me. If you life is such a screwed up mess that you have to take mind altering drugs to make you happy you have a real serious problem. We were discussing it at coffee recently and as the guys said. “Why would you waste your money on that crap. We go to Hawaii on the money we’ve saved from not buying cigarettes any more. Most these guys were smokers at one time, who were smart enough to quit. Unfortunately my wife and I have had 14 family members die from smoking. They weren’t smart enough to quit.

  13. Pecker says:

    Like the song says I took a trip but never left the farm.

  14. already extinct says:

    Fed-up. This Pecker character mentioned “…….” and the light bulb went off, (no drugs either).

    Song Song Song, yes the song, the anthem of the stoner.”We are stardust, We are golden, and we’ve got to get ourselves back to the garden…… I dreamed I saw the bombers riding shotgun in the sky and they were turning into butterflies – above out nation …..we are stardust – billion year old carbon…..”

    Fed-up pal no bloody wonder we don’t understand drug/dope/stimulant culture – BOMBERS TURNING INTO BUTTEFLIES ?????????????. WE ARE STARDUST, WE ARE GOLDEN”

    .I lose this round – happily – no drugs involved.

    I suggest we call it a day Fed-up and leave the DOPERS to their gar-den, like one of them said “you can’t fix stupid” and idiot dopers who never became addicts (apparently) are even a tougher nut to crack (pardon the pun)

  15. Fedup Conservative says:

    I agree their mind altering drugs have really screwed them up.

    • already extinct says:

      I don’t understand the drug culture, why people need drugs and stimuli since I’ve never smoked a single tobacco cigarette, but I can tell you my family has been severely touched by drugs and I can tell anyone defending the right to “do” them that until you actually come out of the fog from which you preach, you’ll never understand the danger inherit in what you defend.

      As for who in politics has or hasn’t done “illegal drugs” and how it affects their performances!

      Well let me just point you in the direction of the current leader of this country, an admitted illegal drug user, (also a product of an admitted drug addicted mother – I have all the books she’s written “Consequences” etc)) who today can’t put a sentence together without three or four stubbles (ah’s) in the line.

      That my friends you should seek the source of in the journals which describe in layman’s language what a dope smoking,drug addled fun loving, living for the moment, mother can leave in her wake!

  16. biff says:

    fed up – did klein, stelmach and redford do illegal drugs? and look what a bunch of losers they were and how they screwed up an entire province. tommy chong could have done far better for us all here.
    al ex – i suspect you are more insightful than to give us something out of context and expect it to fly, be it as a bomber or butterfly. if you recall, at the time of woodstock and joni mitchells’s lyrics, there was another war ongoing. think of it as a virtuous war, if you will, or just another big money game used for profit, and to keep the more simple masses feeling paranoid and insecure by some fabricated bogey-monster. (the usa has a history of creating bogeymen to keep its people under the thumb of power. started with natives, then witches, then black people, then communists and hence vietnam, then drugs, then terrorists everywhere, and even mexicans…too many americans never have been able to see the terrorism they have been an ongoing party to, though).
    drugs have been around for at least as long as societies have existed. i have never seen record of them ever having destroyed a society (as we have been brainwashed to believe) – the major basis upon which courts have ok’d legislation that criminalises a person’s free and basic right to choose what they consume. today, however, we have plenty on record that shows how these illegal and unjust laws, predicated on lies, have done far more harm to individuals and societies than has the use of outlawed substances.
    the sooner we get these unjust laws off the books, the better off we all will be. those that choose to use will know they are getting a quality control product, which will greatly reduce addictions, overdoses, and poisoning. certain products that are now subject to artificial and ridiculously high prices will fall significantly, which will alleviate fallout for the user and for society. related theft will greatly or altogether cease. taxes taken in can be used to help the small minority of users that will be affected by addiction. organised crime will be dealt a major blow, except, perhaps, banks and other major financial institutions that always find ways to “legally” rob the masses. money spent on unnecessary policing of drugs can then be redirected to real criminality, or be saved.

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