July 28th, 2017

Say a prayerfor mothers

By Letter to the Editor on March 19, 2017.

I had occasion to think about an adoptive family and the good things that do and will happen in that family. When giving thanks for it I also gave thanks for the birth mother.

I realized she is a hero to me. Here is a person who sacrificed so her child may live. Her sacrifice is great and real, both leading up to and, I suspect, afterwards. I hope she, and other mothers who have need, find a place of peace and rest to be amongst the other emotions of the situation.

Please join me with a moment to recognize and say a prayer for their sacrifice and need. In an era where selfishness runs rampant, their unselfishness gives me hope.

Craig A Rumer


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  1. snoutspot4 says:

    Mr. Rumer. Yes women who make the choice to knowingly carry a wanted child to term for those women who are unable to bear their own is praise worthy. I am so thankful for the many women who take on the dangers of pregnancy to provide a child for loving same-sex couples to complete their lives.

    Unfortunately, I do not think that this was the sacrifice of which you were speaking. Are you praying for the birth mother because she died in childbirth because she had no choice? I strongly suspect you are lauding women who had no choice and were forced to bear an unwanted child against their will. I strongly suspect your use of the word “selfishness” indicates those women who choose not to or are unable to bring a child to term.

    In other words, the unselfish woman you describe is one who is willing to be consigned to be an incubator for life.

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