October 18th, 2017

City needs to look after infrastructure essentials first

By Letter to the Editor on April 19, 2017.

I see the city is in proposal of several more “white elephants” … that is, facilities which may be used by something less than 10 per cent of the population, this evidenced by the current one on 3 Avenue South.

Does anyone within the city understand we have roads which are near not passable, unless you are driving a large truck? We have traffic light systems which work as though we still use horse and buggy.

Plans for the future with non-essential facilities are fine. Fine after the current roads and other essentials are looked after in “real time.”

I am part of the 90 per cent who drive the roads, tolerate the poor traffic light systems, and do not visit the “white elephants.” We pay very high property taxes and receive poor representation on infastructure.

Moe Thompson


8 Responses to “City needs to look after infrastructure essentials first”

  1. milman says:

    Moe: A few questions……What is exactly wrong with the traffic lights ? And to what white elephants are you alluding?

  2. DtDt101 says:

    Moe, agree with you 100% on the roads issue. The City needs to stop worrying so much about it’s brand new neighborhoods and start worrying about the older neighborhoods. People still live in these areas and the roads, sidewalks and back alleys are deteriorating quickly and terribly! Roads can only be “patched” (in quotations because the patch jobs the city does lately suck). Take 5 Avenue North between 23 Street and Stafford Drive. It is beyond awful, especially by Westminister School. Many side roads need to be repaved too. Sidewalks are cracked and heaved and are crumbling away. Hey City of Lethbridge, start paying attention to the older areas of the City!

  3. johnny57 says:

    Agree totally with you Moe with the “White Elephant” on third ave. But come hell-or-high-water we need to have a progressive city at any cost! Who cares what we really need here when “optics” is so much more important.

  4. johnny57 says:

    Just a weee little bit phushie!…lol.

  5. biff says:

    thank you, moe. the roads are in poor shape – and we get to pay over a 100 dollars each year, added to our already bloated property taxes, for the disgrace of not having had the road one lives on paved in the last 10 years! go figure. the lights have long been a joke. mayor magrath could be improved simply by having all of the intersections switch in a synchronised manner, rather than the current haphazard fashion (such technology existed in the 1960s, lethbridge). as for the white elephants, i recall feeling favourable about the casa, until i realised it was not going to include a new theatre. a bunch of offices and an uninviting common space – what a waste for the price. and add to that how we got bilked in way overpaying for that land with a useless building on it, and that cost us extra to demolish and have it removed (i understand that the building was calculated as an asset in the sale). oh, the cherry on that cake was WE paid the realtor cost. white elephant meets white collar crime, or stupidity.

    • phlushie says:

      @ biff: Your input to this tends to anger me even more on the issue of our City council. I have to quote Councillor Mauro by ” I don’t understand all this”.
      By the way my road was last paved before I bought my house in 1973 and it has developed a pothole full of water in front of my house. Lets see that was 44 years ago and my taxes have increased very significantly.

  6. biff says:

    phlush, pothole, full of water? oh, you are likely to have them build water slides there before they would think of filling in the hole.

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