November 18th, 2017

Those assisting refugees should be screened

By Letter to the Editor on May 18, 2017.

Re: “Mideast problems have long history,” May 12 Lethbridge Herald.

Mohammed Abushaban lives in an enlightened country, and is free to spout what J.W. Schnarr correctly points out as conspiracy theories to anyone willing to listen. However, it concerns me that Mr. Abushaban is contracted as an interpreter working with new Syrian Canadians settling in Lethbridge. In that regard, he is like a teacher who can pass on hateful lessons to classes of impressionable and vulnerable students; even more so, as an interpreter is often the most crucial link these new citizens have to the outside world.

How easy would it be for some or many of them to be radicalized by the notion that the West is “fuelling the hate between all parties” in the Middle East, that Saddam Hussein was executed because he was no longer fulfilling his “chosen role of creating chaos in the region,” that “efforts are being made to create total dependency on banking institutions,” that the mere existence of Israel is a constant source of instability, and so on. Even more important than screening refugees, it is imperative to screen those who assist them in integrating into Canadian society.

Speaking of screening, I was surprised to learn that he spoke under the auspices of SACPA. Should this organization not be doing some vetting to ensure that its speakers meet a minimum threshold of credibility and repute?

David Busheikin


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  1. biff says:

    it appears the writer’s concerns are more about controlling the views of another; one is free to speak, but the writer decides what is acceptable. what was expressed by the speaker, and the forum used, are each fair in a land where free speech is an inherent right. not sure why the writer here seems to have an issue with Mr. Abushaban’s concern that “efforts are being made to create total dependency on banking institutions.” the writer may choose to deny any or all of the concerns expressed by the speaker. however, to suggest the speaker may incite hatred in his role as an interpreter is pathetic. i will ask the writer: why do you not speak out against real atrocities that are happening in israel – i speak of actions by the israeli military and gov’t that warrant investigation for breaking international laws, human rights abuses and war crimes?

    • chinook says:

      Spreading seeds of hatred is not ‘free speech’. Muslims like this Mohammed Abushaban should be grateful that they are able to live in the West and enjoy the freedoms and standard of living we offer. Imagine living in the Middle East or any Muslim country for that matter. Imams and people like him should be certified before they are allowed into any position of power. As we have seen, many are preaching and spreading hatred for the West; for Jews and Christians and every group who is not Muslim. What Muslims need to do is take ownership for their failures – centuries of it. Its their own leaders who have agreed to participate in corruption.

  2. diplomacy works says:

    I didn’t attend this SACPA session so am not going to comment on the speaker.

    I will say though that only those not paying the slightest bit of attention to terrorism and the ME think that many of the stances Israel takes are NOT problematic or that “we” in the west do not interfere massively and have culpability for some of the horrors in that region.

    And the purported comment about the banks; pretty sure they’re trying to nickle and dime me into slavery. Slavery, I say.

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