November 20th, 2017

At some point offender needs to behave like an adult

By Letter to the Editor on June 11, 2017.

In response to Judge Sylvia Oishi’s concern regarding the employment of a man who had breached the terms of his release for murder of his own mother, I would suggest that perhaps Oishi should find a new line of work.

The individual that chose to not follow the terms of his release is jeopardizing his employment. Not the judge. I would think that being able to make that distinction is one of the most important aspects of a profession that requires its members take away the rights of others.

I also worry about Oishi’s priorities. Based on the comments from the probation office it seems this individual is still dangerous. And I feel that the safety of everyone that might come into contact with him is much more important than making sure he keeps his job.

It’s time the system started treating this man like an adult. Maybe then he’ll take responsibility like one. If the system is going to excuse every indiscretion, including murder, because of immaturity, that is simply rewarding that immaturity. At what age is he expected to behave like an adult?

Mike Roberts


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  1. biff says:

    m.r, i appreciate your point. meanwhile, the judge’s reasoning seems to say: breaking the law can be ok if one has a job to lose. in addition, the breaching of conditions seems to be treated as a waste of the court’s time. while such conditions are put in place due to a more concerning breaking of the law, breaches that may follow seem to be looked at in their own context, in isolation of the fact there was a more serious issue in the first place.

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