November 19th, 2017

Thanks for honouring girl’s memory

By Letter to the Editor on June 12, 2017.

Memorial markers are a symbol of a lost loved one. Someone whom a family loved and cherished and wish to express their grief through these visible markers for the world to see. With great pain my family endured such a loss as we laid Tanis D. Short to rest in October of 2005, having lost her life in a tragic accident at the age of 13.

We wish to publicly thank Victory Church for accepting our request to have a marker near the accident scene located in their parking lot. The church accepted the request and took care of all expenses and provided an honorable place for Tanis on a perfect stone with a beautiful plaque. Throughout the years we have paid respects to Tanis’s last steps on this earth, providing us a safe place to freely express our grief and prayers.

Today, after a great deal of healing and prayer, we are able to let go and bring the plaque home with the gracious help of the church having it removed from the stone. Tanis will forever remain in our hearts and memories, she would have wanted this not only for ourselves, but for all involved with the church as the marker stood reminding them of our family’s tragedy.

Life is for the living, meant to be experienced, to love, to laugh and to learn. Nothing is guaranteed and it is our path to keep moving forward – all of us. We thank Victory Church for all they’ve done and most of all for honouring Tanis’s memory. May she smile from where she is on the church and all those impacted.

With love, on behalf of Tanis’s family.

Jacqueline Short


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