November 20th, 2017

Climate change denial is a serious threat

By Letter to the Editor on June 13, 2017.

Every day, we see more evidence of climate change. Whether it is the rising oceans that are driving people out of their homes, rapidly increasing temperatures, or innocent animals being forced to flee their homes, it is clear that climate change is the number-one threat to mankind in this present day.

And even worse, despite the massive amounts of evidence that we have accumulated that more than proves climate change, some completely naive folks have decided to literately stick their head in the sand and claim that it is a a hoax, or conspiracy theory. These people are clearly irrational, and I wonder what happened to them that makes them so blind to the truth.

Something that terrifies me even more, though, is that the president of the United States doesn’t believe in climate change. This proves that he is not only a disgusting buffoon, but one who appears to be purposeful trying to destroy the environment in every way possible. Why else would he pull out of the Paris Agreement?

He doesn’t gain anything from it, but it may cost others their well-being, or their lives. If he keeps up this path of destruction, it will only spur on his group of uneducated, white minions. If they see someone they look up to committing all of this violence and destruction, what will stop them from doing the same? They appear to blindly do anything that their leader does, so if they believe that hurting the environment has no negative repercussions, why wouldn’t they just start to burn down forests, or wreck anything they please?

This is why climate change deniers are one of the most vile groups to ever walk on the surface of our beautiful Earth. I just hope that one day they open their eyes, and realize the evil that they are infatuated with is actually one of our greatest threats.

Lily Vanderbrider


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  1. John P Nightingale says:

    As you well know there are “deniers” here in southern Alberta. A rather vocal but absolute minority thankfully. Better brace yourself for a written onslaught – their pencils are being sharpened as I write this.

  2. Lethrez says:

    “His group of uneducated, white minions”? Rather a racist statement, no? Racism against caucasians is just as unacceptable as racism against other ethnicities. Another form of denial that is a serious threat…..

  3. zulu1 says:

    Where would one begin in commenting about a letter writer with such intolerant views of others ? The right to disagree is basic in a democratic society, and certainly within the scientific community a healthy skepticism has been the norm for hundreds of years.
    As far as the Paris accord is concerned , it ‘s an agreement to impose no conditions at all , on two of the world’s largest polluters, China and India , for the next 13 years, while they continue to build literally hundreds of coal fired generating plants over the next 25 years, rendering the accord meaningless. Even some environmentalists completely dismiss the Paris agreement.
    The global warmists are taking on the characteristics of religion rather than science, shades of the grand Spanish inquisition. All heretics will be burned at the stake.

  4. old school says:

    ..???? ? Evidence of climate change? Tell us how many people are displaced by rising ocean water
    and where.I suppose I will never here from you on that point!
    Rapidly increasing temperature ? Again where and how much and how “rapid”
    Actually miniscule increases have Been recorded,that is however not rapid ,you actually sound “rabid”in your tirade.
    Mr Tump is smart enough to know that the Paris agreement won’t fix the perceived problem.
    He knows it is little more than redistribution of wealth.
    One commentator correctly states over and over”just follow the money”.
    You can perhaps explain how the Paris accord will save the world and prove me wrong.
    Prove I say ,not another mindless tirade of unsubstantiated BS

  5. phlushie says:

    We are born. We will live our 4 score and ten and we will die. Oops that is now up to 5 score for some people, maybe climate change is positive if we live longer. Oh a volcano erupts and spews garbage into the air for one day and has destroyed 100 years of mans manipulation to prevent climate change. Change is inherit in everything around us and I guess we can be the little engine that can and keep trying to prevent the change. Change is a fact of life. We do not deny it but accept it as an evolution. I am sure the dinosuars did not do anything to prevent climate change nor the wooly mammoth, but they are not here and I doubt they caused the climate change as they were very green. I guess it is up to the human species to try ad keep things the way they want it. Lets not rock the boat and keep everything on even keel. Onward into oblivion.

  6. Mr. Moon says:

    Its is pretty vile that the Herald allows garbage like this line: “If he keeps up this path of destruction, it will only spur on his group of uneducated, white minions” to be printed in its paper. I am all for free speech but flat out racism from a loonie on the left trying to lecture us on what is right and evil is pretty hypocritical, although not at all surprising.

    As usual instead of trying to create an actual dialog on the issue, ideally surrounding how much effect humans have on climate change (heres a hint- not nearly as much as you think/hope) you go the lazy route and attack those who disagree with you.

  7. Hamlet says:

    Poor Lily Vandebrider represents a classical example of a mediocrity rising to prominence, on the strength of the general public’s and her own inability to judge science. If “Global Warming” is settled science like gravity or the Earth not being flat, why isn’t the agreement 100%? Since when is science settled by a survey or a Poll of 97%? For your information Lily, science has always been collaborative in examining every evidence. It is not a doctrine.
    The hallmark of a good scientific theory Lily, is its ability to make good predictions. From what we have seen, global warming theory is definitely lacking in this regard. So here is your challenge. You have been requested to provide some evidence that made you “believe”. Please share this evidence with us instead of calling us names.

  8. Fescue says:

    You says it very besly, Mr. Tump.

    (I’m fascinated that Mr. Tump has a silent ‘r’ in his last name, as does Mr. Moon … a trend?)

    As for ‘uneducated, white minions’, I think that is a demographic according to the Pew research

  9. johnny57 says:

    “Climate Change” has been around forever!..Did the glaciers not shrink away?..The “Left” will aways argue that humans are to blame.

  10. biff says:

    the climate changed today – was rainy and grey; the day before was sunny and warm.
    we keep debating climate change, which is the new phrasing after global warming seemed to not catch on. what we do to the planet, how we foster its health and balance, how we keep it clean and diverse, or, whether we filthy it and create extinctions – these are the grounds more worthy of discussion. we can debate climate until the sky falls, and it won’t matter a speck. we need to quit being so full of ourselves, and so consumer minded. our waters are dying, the flora is dying, the fauna is dying – to think we have no effect on things, and that this all in turn will not affect us is unbelievably stupid. the sahara desert got snow in 1979, and again in 2016 – maybe they will become the next glacier zone. meanwhile, i am looking into buying ocean property in the arctic, the new exotic hot spot getaway.

  11. biff says:

    tump – i didn’t think anyone was reading my “…lower case…shit.” of course, no one is really listening. but, i have heard you. foolish trolling and too focused on the individual rather than the points being made. your entries further demonstrate that you see most things as being all about you. this is one of the root causes of the mess we are in. the lower case letters issue – perhaps you may find another of the bozo you tube links you are addicted to including in your rants – that no one really cares to go to – that shows writing in all lower case letters is a pinko-commy way of communicating for those with a sub-57 iq. my name is biff, i haven’t had a drink in 38 hours, and haven’t had a toke in 14 hours.

  12. Michelle Stirling says:

    Let us first look at “Just the Facts” about the Paris Agreement. This was written by Robert Lyman who is an Ottawa energy policy consultant with 27 years experience in GHG reduction policy related fields. Prior to that, he was a diplomat for 10 years.
    Then let us see – Can Canada Survive Climate Change Policy?
    Then let us read Dr. Judith Curry’s 2014 Senate testimony wherein she explains that the hiatus in global warming, now more than 18 years, despite a rise in carbon dioxide concentration, means that the case for human-caused global warming is WEAKENED. We’re not driving climate change, not in any big way. (We can do something about POLLUTION and should do so to Canada’s standards world-wide, but this is something separate from climate change.)
    We should not spend billions on non-existent crisis and catastrophe thinking driven by ENGO ‘charities’ who have their hands in your pocket to ‘save the planet’…and make you poor.

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