November 19th, 2017

One group isn’t more important than others

By Letter to the Editor on June 15, 2017.

I object to the misuse of the adage “Canada supports diversity,” as if we never have before.

Has anyone noticed all the different churches, mosques, temples and synagogues dotting the Canadian landscape? How about the people of different-coloured skin walking the streets alongside each other? And maybe you’ve noticed the walkers, wheelchairs and guide dogs in your neighbourhood? All of this means we’re a diverse community and country.

But it’s only the LGBTQ people who insist on having their banner portrayed all over the place. And then they say, “Yeah, but we’ve been mistreated so much in the past! We finally are being accepted for who we are!”

Well, guess what, the natives, blacks, Japanese and many other groups have gone through much worse persecution in Canada than you people! But we don’t have a crosswalk for the blacks, Japanese, Christians, natives or anyone else. This glorification of one group is senseless and unwarranted when so many other people groups have suffered far worse. What is Lethbridge telling the rest of our diversified citizenry except that they aren’t as important as the LGBTQ community.

Jim VandenHeuvel


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  1. snoutspot4 says:

    Geez Jim. You and your fellow Crosswalk Crusaders really need to get some new material.

  2. phlushie says:

    Jim, you have expressed an opinion which is valid. The major difference is that the LGBTQ is not visible to fit the diversity that exists with the various colors f people on the street. They just want to fit in, but from my understanding, it is only a small group that is creating this. Many of this persuasion would accept their way of live and their friends also accept their way of live. But throwing this crosswalk and flag into other peoples face does create a negative reaction. This being typified by the burnouts on the crosswalk. They may have won the battle but by continuing to fight, the war may be lost. People just don’t know when to leave well enough alone.

  3. John P Nightingale says:

    I wonder if the members of the LGBTQ community would feel welcome and accepted in the letter writer’s church??

    • johnny57 says:

      The Christian-haters are out in full force on this thread..Eh! JPN?

      • snoutspot4 says:

        No J57. You are confusing your perception of “Christian-Haters” in our community with the Christian Haters who were out in full force last night. Your Crosswalk Warriors saw fit to exercise their rights by dumping tar and manure on the crosswalk. Perhaps you can enlighten all of us as to how that is “their” fault?

      • johnny57 says:

        I do not condone at all this kind of activity with regards to the cross-walks despite your silly indirect accusations i have ownership in this somehow…Having said that i sure understand where the letter writer is coming from and sympathize with him, allowing one group special treatment over others.
        That was very “Christian” of you coming to JPN’s rescue like that.

  4. Mr. Moon says:

    If their believes are different from the Churches why should they be welcome?

    Good points brought up by the letter writer but of course it will fall on deaf ears as reality does not trump a desire to promote the victim complex from many in the LBGTQetc. community.

    • John P Nightingale says:

      It’s not their “beliefs” that I am referring to , more the “beliefs” of the congregation to whom the writer belongs. In any case, these folk do not “choose” to be “that way” any more than you or I “choose” to be of another “persuasion”. They “choose” to belong to a particular faith or not.
      Apples and oranges once again…

      • snoutspot4 says:

        JPN: I concur. There are many christian congregations (who have the same bible) and who openly welcome everyone in to their fellowship and their facilities regardless. The one I am most familiar with is McKillop United Church in Lethbridge (not as a religious attendee – atheist parent of child in Royal Conservatory piano – concerts, awards ceremonies, plays, et al.). Every parent and every child was made welcome; every parent and child treated with respect; and from this parent and his father (also an atheist) how to be respectful in someone’s house of worship. That spirit endures today in their inclusive worship services for the collective LGBTQ2+/Trans members of our community.

  5. biff says:

    the crosswalks may not have been the best idea, but the fallout sure shows us how many ignorant fool haters exist. many groups have received financial compensation and apologies for having been mistreated. not lgbtq – illegal in canada to be anything but hetero until 1969. illegal in many countries today. still getting beat up, murdered, harassed, and refused jobs regardless of what the laws are. finally accepted? are you for real? perhaps the writer is blinded by hate.

  6. John P Nightingale says:

    Now that the bigots have been out and about defacing the crosswalks, perhaps the dissenters understand a little better why the group feels alienated and deserves some recognition?

  7. Mr. Moon says:

    Oh no a few skidmarks how will they ever manage?

    By the way kudos to those that did the acts.

  8. alberta1 says:

    Enough of this ridiculous histrionic LGBTQ drama! Shame on the Herald and this group for making a mountain out of a mole hill. I would not paint the Canadian flag on a road to be driven over. What do they expect putting their flag on a road. Idiotic to say the least. No common sense. They squawk and howl to get the flag on the road, and then squawk and howl when someone legally drives on the road on top of it. I went for a walk just outside the city yesterday and there was manure on the road. I did not call the police. This group needs to get over themselves ASAP if they expect anyone with a bit of sanity to take them seriously. The city council members who approved this flag fiasco should be ashamed of their stupidity.

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