November 18th, 2017

Why is government compensating Omar Khadr?

By Letter to the Editor on July 14, 2017.

As a citizen of Canada I was livid when I heard that the Liberal government is compensating Omar Khadr. Aren’t Canada and the U.S. in the NATO alliance? An attack on one rallies the partners to their defence.

Then why does Canada feel that a killer of a U.S. soldier in a war needs to be compensated? Especially since that whole family has spewed out so much hatred and contempt for this western culture.

Many times I have heard that our judicial system is corrupt and now I see why. I hope our Liberal government doesn’t feel the need to compensate the family of Saddam Hussein or ISIS; they might give away all of Canada.

Margaret Giesbrecht


12 Responses to “Why is government compensating Omar Khadr?”

  1. manby says:

    The last sentence shows the writers lack of understanding why government compensated Omar.

  2. Fedup Conservative says:

    @manby Of course these Harper lovers will never admit what lawyers and judges have been saying it was Harper that handled the situation so poorly that created this mess for Canada and if the Liberals hadn’t settled it, it would likely have cost us $40-50 million. They aren’t capable of understanding that, and don’t want to.

    Then there is the Ralph Klein situation. Closed hospitals, hospital beds, cut 5,000 nursing positions, costing people their lives. I think it was eight lawsuits launched against Klein, all settled out of court, behind closed doors, under a gag order so Albertans couldn’t find out what we lost. Lawyers told me it was huge, but they couldn’t tell me what it was.I’m betting it was a lot more than $10.5 million. A guy told me that members of his family went from dirt poor farmers to Beverly Hillbilly types from what they got when Klein’s health care cuts killed his uncle. They couldn’t tell him what they got either. My dad came within 2 hours of dying because of what he did , so we were almost another lawsuit, and people wonder why I hate Klein so much. They didn’t see what my father went through. I’ve even had police officers tell me they were surprised someone didn’t take a shot at Klein because of the families he hurt. A terrible thing to say, but he certainly hurt lots of people, and will be for a long time. Families being destroyed by the highest long term health care fees in Canada. How would you like to pay $11,000. per month for a nursing home bed, like our family is?

    Now watch these gullible seniors attack me.

  3. biff says:

    the war in afghanistan had as much merit as the war in iraq – nil. a handful of terrorists allegedly with ties to afghansitan, allegedly being the ones responsible for 9/11, are not reasons to be able to perpetrate a war in afghanistan.(in fact, it is relatively common knowledge that the real hotbed of terrorism lies in saudi arabia; good buds of the bush family and the western oil and corporate elite). the subsequent deaths and maiming of countless innocent people, including our own troops that never should have been sent there is a legal and moral atrocity.
    do i like that we had to pay out 10 million? no. that money should come solely and directly from the pockets of the cruel and sick idiots that are responsible for what happened to mr. khadr. as well, those responsible should be tried in court, as per due process.

    • old school says:

      Biff has a point
      The payout should come directly from those responsible sick and cruel idiot—–(t)himself
      Mr Scumbag terrorist khadr. He chose to be a scumbag and is solely responsible for any
      negative repercussions .There is nothing that could be done to him in form of punishment
      he does not deserves.Scumbag confessed/admitted killing.He is a liar and a terrorist who should swing.

  4. John P Nightingale says:

    The writer’s lack of understanding on this issue and consideration of ALL the facts, including the admonishment of previous governments by the SC of Canada is evident. Professional soldiers, know full well the risks they take when entering a war zone. The fog of war is a terrible thing. That his family are indeed abhorrent is no good reason to condem one of the sons who likely was indoctrinated as a “child soldier” long ago. He is still covered by the Canadian Charter, no matter what.

  5. phlushie says:

    He can’t even play hockey, he went to the middle east to fight against his country that now pays him for his error. If he played hockey maybe it was a decent settlement, but I bet the lawyer got the lions share of the award. So in that way we are supporting Canadian Lawyers. (sic)

    • streams says:

      I am shocked that Khadr received what can only be called a killing bonus. Any Canadian citizen whether 15 or 86 that decides to leave Canada to fight for a terrorist organization killing our allies or other Canadians has given up any rights or considerations and deserves nothing from Canada. How can he sue when he deserted Canada. A person like this does not even deserve to be called a Canadian. Automatic citizenship revoked. It is shameful that he was allowed back into Canada. He confessed to killing an American medic(non-combatant) and blinding another American soldier .Laws and the constitution need to be rewritten. There is no SENSIBLE logic that Khadr receives 10.5 million dollars and over 200 disabled members of our own armed forces (who fought for Canada) do not receive as much support from the government as this terrorist. Would Trudeau still pay him if he had killed a Canadian soldier or medic. If he had a conscience he would be giving the money to the widow of the American soldier but that will never happen as he laughs his way to the bank.

    • Incal says:

      The Liberals disproportionately have backgrounds in law, and famously protect their own. Quid pro quo, as the saying goes. “Professional courtesy,” to explain why the shark didn’t eat the lawyer. Enrichment together. It’s quite a club.

  6. manby says:

    He didn’t decide! He was 15, Sigh……he confessed during torture! The government (Harper)at the time deserted him. More sighing. Giving the money to the American widow, really?

  7. johnny57 says:

    Oh yes Margaret he and his Lawyers are laughing all the way to the bank or banks!
    As soon as he started his war against us he should have lost all rights and privilege! Mistreated or not.
    But instead our f….n bleeding heart Libs might as well be on their knees begging for his for-giveness.In the meantime we hear stories of homeless war-vets.Only a “Loonie Toon” Liberal with no conscious could agree with this payout! And it seems 71% of people polled agree also.

  8. streams says:

    Omar Khadr spent grade 1 and grade 4 in Canada and when he was 14 was in Canada for a brief visit . The rest of the time he was in Afghanistan living in a compound with his family and Osama Bin Laden. He trained on assault rifles ,rocket propelled grenades and learned how to build improvised explosive devices. There are videos of him building explosive devices and when questioned about the video he stated ‘WHATS YOUR POINT? ‘His father a very prominent figure in al-Qaeda was arrested for a deadly embassy bombing in Islamabad. Prime Minister Chretien managed a visit and shortly after he was released .Omar’s father was killed a short time later in a firefight and his brother was wounded in the same battle and is now paralyzed. .Another brother was arrested for smuggling guns. His sister mourned the death of Bin Laden and wished she had the courage to be a martyr. The surviving family lives in Canada and says it is hard to be accepted into Canadian society. Wonder why? Omar admitted to killing the American medic Sgt. Speer. Yes ,he was tortured. In a fairy tale one might expect a truthful answer by asking him politely over lunch if he did the deed. Everyone is entitled to believe what they wish. Some think he admitted guilt because of treatment in Cuba. My thought is this. What was he doing with a AK-47 ,pistol and grenades in the middle of a battle with U.S.Delta forces. He was not setting up a lemonade stand. In the fight he was shot and captured. He stated that someone handed him the guns when the firefight with American forces started and could not remember who handed them to him. Yeah,right .His claim is always that he was exploited as a child. Poor me, he had no choices but yet he knew al-Qaeda was paying $1500.00 for every American killed..He told a U.S. Military commission he was obsessed with killing Americans wherever they could be found. He was not being tortured then.

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