December 17th, 2017

Taxpayers left on the hook for costly lawsuits

By Letter to the Editor on July 27, 2017.

What a country! We pay a criminal $10.5 million plus, millions for lawyers to travel back and forth to Gitmo for years. Then we have a lawsuit of $100 million for the women of the RCMP for sexual harassment.

Now a lawsuit was launched against CSIS (our spy agency) by five individuals for $35 million, for harassment in the workplace. How do they justify $35 million?

My question is, why sue the government? Charges should have been against the individuals that committed the crime. This has gotten out of hand. Does this set a precedent? The individuals that commit the crime get off free and the taxpayer has to pay? What a justice system!

David Sparkes


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One Response to “Taxpayers left on the hook for costly lawsuits”

  1. prairiebreze says:

    If people only knew how many law suits we’re burdened by they would be shocked. Too many money grabbing parasites out there.
    45,000 legal claims pending against federal government. Settlement of all claims could be in the ‘hundreds of billions of dollars’

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