November 23rd, 2017

Roaster misinformed about Canada Post

By Letter to the Editor on July 28, 2017.

I do wish people would get their facts straight before letting fly in the Roasts and Toasts.

The anonymous correspondent blasting away at city council and the postal workers in Monday’s paper was misinformed in whole and in part.

In point of fact, Canada Post has operated at a profit in all but two of the past 22 years while, at the same time, paying over $1.4 billion in taxes and dividends into the federal government coffers.

Additionally, while the numbers of letters being mailed has been declining, the number of parcels being delivered has been increasing at a phenomenal rate.

The post office, as a self-sustaining public service, is still alive and far healthier than some, including Canada Post management, for reasons known only to themselves, would have you believe.

The city council’s decision was based on solid information and their best judgment as to what was in the interests of the citizens of Lethbridge.

Ken Sears


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2 Responses to “Roaster misinformed about Canada Post”

  1. Pecker says:

    Canada post should go the way of the dinosaur. If they are profitable it’s because they
    deliver mountains of junk mail everyday. On the computer thats called spam.

  2. triuareader says:

    Pecker…I do agree with you. One, however, is required to have a mailing address for many things in life and in some situations it does not come with your address and you are required to pay an annual fee of around $160 to Canada post for the privilege of getting said junk mail. I fit in that category and with gritted teeth go each year and dutifully pay my $160 plus GST to the local post office so I can drive an extra 2 miles to get my junk mail and occasional legitimate mail that someone paid a ridiculous amount of money to send to me. Such a waste of money, gas, and paper.

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