December 17th, 2017

What other surprises will Trudeau have in store?

By Letter to the Editor on July 30, 2017.

What more earthly surprises does our prime minister have for our country and its citizens?

I ask this question without malice, but with his teacher-like educational diatribes, one does not know what to expect, especially after his negated election promise to change the electoral methodology. And his intent to run the country on a deficit. The mounting national debt and the absence of any job-creation projects speaks for itself after over a year’s governing.

The recent announcement of setting up of an infrastructure bank to seek foreign investment, and news of privatizing and selling our national airports, creates a foul smell of traitorous desperation and giveaway of our sovereignty and tradition. I could be wrong in my assumptions, but to accept out-of-country wealthy to take over long-delayed infrastructure projects, when in past years, the Bank of Canada had issued tax-free funds to all three levels of government for infrastructure and many other necessary projects.

Dropping his latest and favourite time bomb, the legalizing of marijuana, on the provinces and cities has caused a big stir, with the reported mounting opioid and drug-related deaths and suicides, and the tremendous load, responsibility and work to be be levied on the law enforcement and legislators. The mounting financial costs to set up the life-saving, safe narcotic outlets across the country is enormous.

The provincial premiers have met and asked for a year’s delay on the legalization of pot, but the PM has refused the extension.

The extent of the drug menace was borne out with the intriguing Mexican Mennonite story depicted on CBC television recently.

Personally I have had the privilege of visiting and talking to three physicians in the recent past and they all had stated that patients asking and requiring narcotics are always approved.

The law enforcement people and the insurance companies will have their work intensified with the lack of satisfactory testing for drug-related driving accidents and deaths. The PM’s often-repeated statement is that the crooks are making millions, so just buckle up the seatbelts, hold on and keep your eyes on the road!

Frank J. Toth


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One Response to “What other surprises will Trudeau have in store?”

  1. biff says:

    ft – trudeau is a scammer, as have been the lot of our leaders, prov’l, fed’l, and from all party stripes. the system is broke, and harper showed us how easily it can be legally manipulated into a de facto dictatorship. we pay a lot of money to elected officials that are merely bag men for the corporate beast. the real power lies in appointed deputy ministers and high ranking mandarins – none elected – that form policy. and their job is to shape policy that first and foremost benefits the corporate entity. it is how we get to accept unsustainable environmental degradation as normal and necessary, for example.
    as for your concern about drug policy, the single biggest problem with drugs are the drug laws, not usage. the laws are stupid, ignorant, and arguably illegal: no gov’t or other party has the right to determine what a free person does with their body. the greatest fallout from drug use is that the illegal drug laws make drugs far more expensive than they would otherwise be. this artificial financial burden is what creates subsequent crime and human pain.
    naturally sourced drugs are little more expensive than many other weeds to produce; the risk due to illegal laws and corruption are what makes most drugs stupidly expensive.
    no one has the right to tell an adult in a free society what they can or cannot do around self medication, or for fun, insofar as their bodies are concerned.
    if opium was used to manage pain, rather than synthetics, there would be far less issues. the synthetics are simply a way to allow big pharm to be able to deal proprietary poison and make a big buck: pushers of the worst kind. opium has not destroyed any society, nor has any other drug.
    opium has a far lower rate of addiction than synthetic opioids. our bodies struggle to interact with the foreign chemistry of synthetic opiods, much as it struggles to interact with other refined products, such as sugar in the form of corn based glucose.
    for the record, there is no drug that causes as much misery and fallout than alcohol, and yet we survive as a society. and even then, alcohol must remain a free choice.

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