November 23rd, 2017

Cigarette butts everywhereyou look

By Letter to the Editor on August 1, 2017.

We live in a world of littered cigarette butts. When did they become something other than litter? They are in my alley, they are in my driveway, they are in gutters everywhere. You step over them walking down the street. They lie everywhere in little drifts like snow.

They belong in ashtrays. Our world deserves better.

Bob Gerard


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6 Responses to “Cigarette butts everywhereyou look”

  1. biff says:

    i enjoy the odd smoke, but do not enjoy the ignorant fools’ butts on my lawn, in the sand at the beach, in the coulees, nor on the sidewalks and streets. i butt out, and find a bin for the dirty piece of trash it is. sure wish one could count on all to do their share to keep places clean.

  2. phlushie says:

    @biff: I “double” that. LOL

  3. meisplayfull2 says:

    If someone tosses a butt and it burns down a house or a seniors residence it is called an accident. If the same person tosses a match it is arson. What is the difference???

  4. johnny57 says:

    Thankfully thats one habit i did not pick-up. Was lucky enought to hang-out with a group of fellas when i was a teenage that were all non-smokers….So there was no peer-pressure.

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