December 15th, 2017

Something has changed

By Letter to the Editor on August 1, 2017.

I was born and raised a Western Canadian. My family were ranchers, in small business, engineers; practical down-to earth-people, conservatives.

Something has changed. “Free” was something you didn’t have to work overtime to get. Kids were free, not harassed and consumed with competition. Politicians worked to make things better for people, not profit. Today’s Conservatives try to be like “tea partiers,” going to the States to study the language.

Why do we see Conservatives going to the U.S. to complain about Khadr’s settlement? They act like the kid who complained about being “punched back first.” They talk about the middle class but hire themselves out to the billionaire one per cent. Investors are more about takeovers to melt down Canadian business for the gold. Workers have become invisible (until the sewage backs up and the lights go out).

The Conservatives are spokesmen for the really big rip-offs, the hundreds of millions in annual CEO salaries and bonuses. Big-buck specialists are stealing employees’ pensions, and then bankrupting companies. Conservatives hope to shift the spotlight from their failure to defend Canadians abused around the world when they were in power. Corporate thieves want no interference from elected people. They don’t see people at all, they see numbers.

We don’t use Canadian money any more – it’s not good enough. We have to borrow foreign money and pay huge interest. Our pensions are too busy offshore, apparently swimming for their lives. We have to sell the country to pay for life preservers after the government shut down the Bank of Canada in 1975. Trudeau started an “infrastructure bank” for foreigners’ money to own our roads and rivers. Shareholders will tell us when business is not profitable enough in Canada, and move it elsewhere. Governments subsidize business to serve people, but corporations prey on people.

Don Ryane


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5 Responses to “Something has changed”

  1. Fedup Conservative says:

    Boy have you got it right. What happened to the Alberta Conservative Party we proudly supported under Lougheed and Getty that were concerned about the well being of the people and not just themselves and their rich friends? They collected proper royalties on our oil, fair taxes for everyone. they built schools, hospitals, roads, funded our municipalities properly keeping our property taxes at a reasonable level, kept our power bills low, ran proper health care and education systems and put the surpluses in the Heritage Trust Fund for our children’s future. Our family supported them for about 30 years volunteering on their campaigns helping them get elected. So what happened? They allowed Ralph Klein, a Liberal, to take over the party and with the help of gullible Albertans, mainly seniors, believing every lie he fed them let him deliberately destroy everything our hero conservative Peter Lougheed created for us. Klein was neither Conservative, or Liberal, he was a right wing extremist a dictator, just like these Reform Party Boys are. Everything they are promising will make things worse for the people.

    At the federal level the Reform Party failed because of the destructive policies they presented. Less government spending with privatization forcing the people into spending a lot more. They changed their name to the Alliance Party thinking that would make a difference, it didn’t and they failed once again and the stupid conservatives allowed them to take over their party. When Harper began bringing out his Reform Party Politics the Canada people voted them out.

    In Alberta we watched them give away billions in oil royalties, and taxes to their rich friends and while we desperately tried to vote them out these senior fools wouldn’t let us. Instead of listening to those of us who tried to explain to them what Klein was doing to them they called us names for not supporting Klein. For years we were told that it was mainly seniors who voted in the province and that’s who we saw at the polling stations. Now the Reformers have complete control thanks to more of their stupidity, while the true conservatives support the NDP.

    Don Getty and Peter Lougheed were furious with what Klein did to all the hard work they had put in giving Albertans the Alberta Advantage . Getty told me in 2003 that inviting Liberal Ralph Klein into the Conservative Party was the dumbest thing he ever did and I certainly agreed. I had know him since 1964 and had no intention of supporting him.

    So here we are with ignorant seniors still singing Klein’s praises for putting this province in financial, quit willing to let the Reform Party Boys do it again, believing their lies that the NDP are out to get them . They talk about all the wonderful things Klein did for us , but when you ask them to give you a list of all these wonderful things you get the funniest blank stare you have ever seen , followed by a moment of silence. They then walk away saying he did lots of things. It really shows how screwed up they really are.

    In 2000 an 86 year old former University Professor from Germany said it best when I met him Now you know what happened in Germany in the 1930s. while we desperately tried to vote out the government, these same sort of fools wouldn’t let us. I think you know how it turned out. If they had listened to us there would never have been a second world war.

  2. onlymyopinion says:

    don. I recently read that about 80% of t he people can’t think for themselves. You obviously can think for yourself. As a result, sadly, I think this new supposedly conservative party is going to convince the majority to vote for them in the next election. They’re touting the “Alberta Advantage” line. The only ones who had an advantage in Alberta under Klein and company were the big corporations and as you say they don’t care about people.

  3. Fedup Conservative says:

    Fellows take a look at my letter in the Medicine Hat news “Leaders of merged parties have credited major blunder”. Their support is not what they want you to think it is and the figures prove it.

    Out of the registered voters for the PC. 55% of those registered voted 95% to merge and 5% voted against it, in other words only 50% registered were for it. The Wildrose is basically the same thing. After the leadership vote on October 28th they will all have to resign and bye elections held and I think they are in serious trouble.Their supporters are really pissed off with them . Even Lawyer Marilyn Burns, who created the Wildrose Party and asked me to run as their leader in the 2004 election is literally calling Brian Jean a traitor. Now Marilyn wants to create another party which I think is a dumb idea. we don’t need anymore parties, the NDP are doing just fine. We certainly have to gert these Reform Party buddies stopped they will certainly make things worse as I indicated.

    • onlymyopinion says:

      Fedup-I too think t he NDP are doing just fine but a lot of people don’t agree with us. I agree the Reform or whatever they choose to call themselves will make thing s worse but somehow people see the word Conservative and think they will produce wonders. They still don’t get that the job issue is because oil prices tanked-had nothing to do with the NDP. Happened in the 80’s too (PC government then). Oil industry is a bust and boom thing. We lived through it-of course we did not live beyond our means like so many do these days. My daughter makes $100,000 a year, is single and complains he can’t afford new furniture or windows for her house. Yet she is always flying somewhere for the weekend-sure doesn’t live the way her father and I did.

      We need diversification and we don’t need a government that caters to big business and privatizes everything so prices go through the roof.

  4. Fedup Conservative says:

    You and I sure think a lot alike. I have a son in the same situation, although he is married but is always broke, despite their huge salaries. In the 1980s I was heavily involved with members of the oil industry, then the crash came. The American oilmen I was involved knew exactly what happened . The Vietnam war ended in 1975, the oil industry didn’t cut back production and we had major surpluses by 1980. I’ve been telling some of my friends that it’s the surpluses left over from the Iraqi war that caused this oil crash and I spoke with an oilman from Fox Creek, Alberta a few days ago and he confirmed it. He said the U.S. has a huge surplus of oil left over from the Iraqi war which is why we are in this mess. It certainly had nothing to do with Notley, or Trudeau.
    The NDP is certainly pushing for diversification. The town of Devon, where I lived for 20 years, now has all their streetlights on solar power, and they have put 390 solar panels on their rec center so it is now on solar power, this could be a huge benefit to all Albertans, especially in the south, where we get a lot of hours of sunlight. It will create a lot of jobs, not requiring the oil industry to provide them. A friend put panels , in Devon, on his home in 1975 and says it’s the smartest thing he ever did.

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