January 20th, 2018

Alberta deficit tells story of Conservative legacy

By Letter to the Editor on August 6, 2017.

The letter in the Tuesday, Aug. 25 Herald quoting the ex-minister of the Klein government, Mr. Clint Dunford, provokes laughter. Politicians depend hopefully on the bad memory of the electorate. How can Albertans forget the massive give-away of billions of dollars in the 44-plus years of their government? The great Peter Lougheed (who should be enshrined) is rolling around in his grave for the dastardly brainless reduction of our oil royalties by that Conservative regime!

There was a good reason for Albertans to boot out that Conservative regime, which now is trying to unite the so-called right, as we look enviously at the billions that the Norway government is Banking, after the advice of Lougheed, who wanted so much for his Alberta compatriots.

Whatever evolves out of the much-advertised “Unite the Right” extravaganza, our government’s deficit tells the whole historical story.

Frank J. Toth


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10 Responses to “Alberta deficit tells story of Conservative legacy”

  1. Fedup Conservative says:

    Frank has nailed it. My late father will be rolling around with Lougheed , he worshiped the man. Lougheed’s Mines and mInerals Minister, Energy Minister today was a brother in-law of one of my uncles. The MLAs that I knew from the Lougheed era all left the province they couldn’t stand to watch what Klein was doing to us, all their hard work was destroyed, while these mindless seniors, that supported him, were singing his praises and still are. While they called themselves conservatives they supported a Liberal and allowed him to destroy us. Sadly they out numbered us two to one and we couldn’t stop them. Now they are willing to do it again, let these Reform Party Boys make things even worse while they feed them with all sorts of lies. The gatherings at their meetings prove it . About 80% seniors believing every lie they feed them.

    Maybe they can explain how Notley is responsible for the loss of 100,000 jobs in this province. The oil men would like to wring Jean’s neck for telling that lie, especially when the oil crash began in 2008, long before Notley was elected. How did Notley and Trudeau create the Carbon Tax to steal our money when it’s been in place in B.C. since 2008, long before Notley or Trudeau were elected. And the lie Klein created that Alberta is broke because we have had to send billions to Ottawa in equalization payments when we have never paid a penny into it. Jean is still using that one on these fools dumb enough to believe it.

  2. biff says:

    i fully appreciate the honest, thoughtful and informative letter by f.t, and the add on by fedup. indeed, it will be sad to hear feedback from fools that refuse to acknowledge the reality. instead, they will prefer to fall into default mantra mode, and blame everything on the ndp. that the ndp had no influence in the legislature at all during the great siphoning of our resources will have no bearing on the poor reasoning of such foolish folk.

  3. snowman says:

    yes F.T Mr Lougheed was enshrined on the two Kananaskis golf courses he built with Heritage trust fund millions , signing of the NEP with Trudeau and Chretian the people that lost their business as a result .Tell us the difference between Norway fund and our Heritage fund, who owns the oil, who contracts drilling. Do you agree with this new socialist gov’t grabbing 3% of Heritage investment corp profits deposit in general fund to spend not build heritage fund. typical of politicians. Well Klein showed the citizens no debt what is this New Socialist Gov’t doing in their term so far. If Lougheed could tell Norway how to invest their owned oil profit revenue why did he not apply his advice here? There is no Auditor General report that their was theft of Alberta funds by elected politicians only poor innuendo.

  4. Fedup Conservative says:

    Thanks Snowman for proving our point, I’m betting you’re one of these mindless seniors who allowed Klein to make a fool of you. While you call yourself a conservative you supported a Liberal and watched him destroy what Lougheed created for us. Too dumb to understand what Klein did to you. Ed Stelmach pointed out that Klein while paying off the $23 billion debt he created a $2 billion one, so where do you get the idea he showed no debt?

    Why do you think you were paying the highest power bills in Canada for 14 years, are still paying the second highest? Why do you think you are paying the highest property taxes? Why do you think seniors are paying as much as $14,000. per month for a nursing home bed and anyone of us could be next. . Grocery store manager will tell you Klein’s deregulation has had a huge impact on your grocery bills, or don’t you think those huge freezers, especially the open air ones use a tremendous amount of electricity and we are paying for it. Did you every bother to think what it’s done to our health care and education systems or don’t you think they use a lot of power.

    Unless you’ve got something intelligent to say maybe you had better keep your idiotic comments to yourself, get up off your ass and talk to our lawyers, chartered accountants, doctors, nurses, teachers, oilmen and former MLAs from the Lougheed era, the ones i have spoken with over the years have no respect for fools like you that allowed this to happen. Don Getty told me in 2003 that inviting Liberal Ralph Klein into the Conservative Party was the dumbest thing he ever did, I certainly agreed. He was a jerk and his own parents criticized him for what he did to this province and his daughter Angie urged Albertans to vote for the NDP before the last election. I hope I’ve been sarcastic enough I intended to be, my conservative friends and I are sick and tired of listening to you Klein-lovers when all the facts proves what he did to this province. I knew him as a grade ten high school drop out, arrogant bully with a major drinking problem and not someone we wanted as premier, so why did you?

  5. snowman says:

    Fc my comments struck a nerve, hate to see when you get slobbering mad dog . I do not believe you know what sarcasm is. You made a lot of assumptions first yes I am a senior but not mindless I still have a brain and have been tested, I do not hold any political card and vote how I choose. I once held a NDP socialist communist card but got shafted by them tore the card up in David Lewis face. I believe I have talked ,debated, dealt with more politicians from across Canada in Ottawa than you will ever know. I know electric power so don’t Bs the people we pay the highest power bills in Canada ,prove it. I lived in Calgary 1969 to 1991 lived through Loughheed , Klein , Getty and all other jerk politicians times. Spread your bs to others I do not have time for your crap when you get some common sense then talk to me.Your a typical hypocrite.

  6. Fedup Conservative says:

    You bet it struck a nerve I look at the facts. After spending countless hours volunteering for the Lougheed and Getty governments Klein almost killed my father with his health care cuts while lawyers , oilmen and former MLAs pointed out that none of these cuts were required if Klein hadn’t slashed royalties to benefit his rich friends. I have been to Norway and Alaska and talked to the people about what their oil wealth is doing for them. I spent 32 years in the world of finance and know what Albertans have been screwed out of. American oilmen I was involved with called us the dumbest people on the planet for allowing the Klein government to give away our oil, and know that if fools like you hadn’t blindly believed the lies Klein fed you, and Lougheed’s royalties and taxes been left alone this province would be rolling in money. Oilmen think we would have at least $300 billion in our Trust Fund, still have the best health care and education system. Dad was a Power Plant Engineer and everything he said would happen with deregulation has happened including the screwing of the people by manipulating the power markets like TransAlta was caught doing on two occasions. In 2003 two of Lougheed’s former MLAs agreed with me that Klein’s deregulation benefited no one other than rich friends of the Klein government.
    So while you ignore the facts and I believe them , I know why we are in financial trouble and Norway and Alaska aren’t and I know why Alberta Conservatives voted for the NDP to put a stop to what these phony conservatives were doing to us.

  7. Fedup Conservative says:

    Maybe all of our Klein-lovers had better start looking at the facts, and stop making up their idiotic comments to defend their hero Ralph Klein.

    Here is a good place to start. While Klein promised you that deregulation would make your power bills a lot cheaper and you were dumb enough to believe him, this is what he did to you:
    “Alberta businesses paying some of the highest electricity rates in NORTH AMERICA: Fraser Institute. A friend lost his 75 year old family business when his power bills went up $82,000. per year and I heard of another business where it went up $127,000. Then there is the story of the iron mill in Lethbridge that you should all know about. Cut production by 50% and cut 50% off their staff, all thanks to Ralph Klein, looking after his rich friends.

    This one proves what electrical engineers have been saying. While our power was being generated by cheap coal the Klein government with deregulation allowed them to gouge the people by letting them charge what you would be paying under gas-fired production.
    “Alberta Pays Highest Electricity Rates: Study. It points out we had the highest rates in Canada, and I know we are still the second or third highest despite what Snowman believes. Don’t ever forget what it’s done to our retail prices, especially our grocery bills, and our education and health care costs.

    While the NDP government is capping the price to help stop their gouging they can’t do anything about the idiotic fees that deregulation has allowed them to add to our bills. All thanks to Ralph Klein.

    By the way snowman I didn’t make any of this up. I have listened to what my Power Plant Engineer father said and what a lot of retired electrical engineers have told me over the years. The fact is Klein had no business forcing this upon the people. As one of Lougheed’s former MLAs said to me in 2003 “This is the dirtiest trick Klein could have played on the Alberta people, it will cost us billions and it will cost people their jobs”. That’s exactly what it has done. The last figure I recall was about six years ago. It had cost Albertans an extra $40 billion. There is nothing intelligent about supporting that , or the guy who did it to us.

    • snowman says:

      F.C As I told you I lived in Calgary when Klein was mayor fully understand his two bit policies then he couldn’t add two and two and then elected to provincial,disaster. I will admit you have divulged some more facts I was not aware of but you learn every day. I merely asked a couple of questions of F.T. then you pounced you can justify your statements. Do not call me a Klein lover or a mindless senior. I seen
      the Nep results the business’s in Calgary. The people that lost there jobs high payed executives commiting suicide workers applying for a job at my office,the houses given back couldn’t pay the mortgage,families split up. I have seen the end results of politicians actions. Is it true that business wrote
      off utility charges as business expense. Yes electricity is capped at .06 cents but the last AESO price was around $20.00 mgw to $18.00mgw. The NDP policy on renewable power with over 50 applicants ofexpression of interest bidding at what price and subsidy?. The Ontario feed-in -tariff on wind power subsidized .13cents per kwh, it will be interesting to watch the NDP action. In any case F.C you have good words we agree you quit calling me a mindless senior and klein lover and I retract you are a hypocrite.

  8. Fedup Conservative says:

    Done. Whenever I hear anyone praise Klein in any way I get upset, just like my circle of friends do. Klein did not leave this province debt free, as many think, and he almost killed my father with his health care cuts. The reason why I attack my fellow seniors is because in 2003 six of us got together to form S.U.N. Seniors United Now. The idea was to travel the province to talk to seniors and explain to them what Klein was doing to them and what it would do to them down the road. We hoped they would help us vote him out, instead we got called Traitors, Communists, Left-wing nuts or closet Liberals by seniors we thought would have been a lot smarter. They believed every lie Klein fed them. Oddly enough a guy told me about five years ago that he had divorced his parents for that very reason. They wouldn’t listen to him when he tried to explain to them what Klein was doing to us, so he got together with a lawyer friend of his and he divorced them. It was the first I had ever heard of it. He said that if either of them needs to go into a nursing home he can’t be held responsible for subsidizing their fees. That is a good point when another guy tells you he subsidized his mother’s fees to the tune of $368,000., another man told me he had both parents in a nursing home costing $7,600. per month. Their income was $3,600. so he had been paying the other $4,000. he had paid out $464,000. and was still doing it. Another guy told me that he thought Klein was a wonderful premier and now he wished he had never heard of the bastard. Klein had raised his wife’s fees by 52%. All three of these guys were using the food bank to survive. We now have a family member in a nursing home at a cost of nearly $11,000. per month and i doubt many of the Klein supporters will be able to afford that if they find themselves put in that position. They had better realize that they created it for all of us. I had five relatives in nursing homes in B.C. and their families never had to pay a dime to subsidize their fees and Albertans should have never had to subsidize ours. that’s what privatization does to you.
    I will not call you a mindless senior or a Klein-lover as you suggest, but hope you will help us make certain these Reform Party Boys, with their extreme right wing polices won’t get elected, as they are certainly promising to make the situation a lot worse. We know that if we don’t increase our royalties and taxes back up to the Lougheed levels we will never get out of this mess and we certainly aren’t going to let them cut billions off government spending by dumping the cost of health care onto the backs of the people, like Klein tried to do with his Third-Way and did with the power industry.

  9. Fedup Conservative says:

    Once again these right-wing politicians prove what I’ve been saying for years, they are only interested in looking after themselves and their rich friends and don’t give a damn what happens to the people they represent. Derek Fildebrandt has once again proven it, he didn’t think he would get caught, I’m betting . They certainly aren’t anything like the Conservatives we proudly supported under Lougheed and Getty and you would have to be a damn fool to support them.

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