January 23rd, 2018

Change in electoral system is needed

By Letter to the Editor on September 12, 2017.

The ongoing divisive leadership campaigns, “Unite the Right,” and all the political hassling and bickering has existed for eons and shows no sign of a change.

The low percentage of election voting and public involvement belies the need for a change from the present antiquated “first past the post” system to the more constructive “proportionate representation” system, where all elected candidates work together towards a common goal and purpose.

There has to be a “guiding light,” so to speak, for Canada’s future in the people’s economic and political arena. As it is, the wealthy are getting away with more tax-evasive protocols with our political masters, with offshore tax havens, etc., and heavily financing their friendly political party buddies.

A change in our antiquated opposition party-style voting has been heralded for some time, and as matter of record, the present Trudeau government was elected on the strength of a promised change to the voting system, which was to be the first legislative protocol of this federal government. We all know what happened, unfortunately!

Rumours abound that the legalizing of pot, which was never even debated in Parliament, would negate his re-election chances in the next election! The call to extend the date to legalize pot, which all the provincial premiers demanded, was turned down by Trudeau.

Hopefully the new B.C. provincial government will show the way, and legislate the first “proportionate representation” election law, as promised, and show us a much-needed, co-operation type of system, and not an adversary-type system. It will be up to Canadians to bring about the needed changes in the provinces.

Alas, Canada’s roadsides are strewn with broken political promises, shamefully.

Frank J. Toth


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