January 21st, 2018

Time to do something for the working people

By Letter to the Editor on September 12, 2017.

There are a great many angry people voicing their opposition to these tax loophole changes for the well off.

Doctors, lawyers, dentists and businesspeople have been able to pay lower tax than the rest of us because of these tax loopholes and now they are angry at losing these tax benefits. Long before these loopholes were introduced, this group of people made a good living and there were no working poor. Wake up and look around you and see the food banks for the working poor that never used to be there. Churches, radio stations and community events all solicit donations to fill the hampers for the food banks. Food banks used to be for the very poor or the derelicts of society but that has changed now to include the working poor.

Thankfully our NDP will slowly raise the minimum wage to $15 an hour over all the loud protests of those who earn far more than that. My question now is where were these protesters when the food banks were being set up? Where were all those Klein and Redford’s and their Conservative supporters hiding when the need for the working poor to access food banks began in the richest province in Canada? The great PM Harper lowered the GST down to five per cent and of course he ran a deficit that year. One great Alberta leader eliminated our need to pay for our health-care tax and that caused an deficit in the health-care department that went on for years and then the Conservatives began to complain about the high cost of health care in our province.

Fair taxes need to be paid in a democratic society, so just be thankful you got extra income for many years and now the gravy train has come to an end. Vote Conservative next time and you will get your tax breaks back because Conservatives have never done anything for the working person.

Esa Salonen

Pincher Creek

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3 Responses to “Time to do something for the working people”

  1. George McCrea says:

    Where does one start with this? First they are not loopholes, they are legislated deductions, and I and many others take issue with this at it infers tax avoidance and tax cheating. So in this instance you are spouting some party line that has no idea what they are talking about. Here is a good article.


  2. zulu1 says:

    Like many who take their anger out on those at the opposite end of the income scale, their angyst might be more properly directed at government, whose tireless quest for more revenues is only exceeded by endless and ongoing deficits.

  3. Incal says:

    How is pulling down entrepreneurial professionals going to help anyone like Esa Salonen? And why does she assume that a rapacious federal government will do anything that truly benefits her?

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