January 20th, 2018

Not all nurses agree with CNA statement

By Letter to the Editor on September 13, 2017.

I am sad to say that today I am disappointed to call myself a nurse. The recent statement by the Canadian Nurses Association supporting the tax amendments proposed by the Trudeau government is wrong. I do not support this statement, nor do any of the nurses I work with or have worked with over the past 20 years of my career. To say that nurses just want people to pay their fair share of taxes, pointing fingers at the physicians we work with, is ridiculous.

First off, I went to school for four years to earn my Bachelor of Nursing degree. Most doctors I know of have at least three times that number of years of schooling behind them. Now that being said, a doctor doesn’t get paid on their years of school attended but the fact that they are using the knowledge they gained during those years to protect and save lives. Most physicians in Alberta are incorporated businesses which allows them some tax breaks, but the reality of it is that the building costs and staff salaries are solely borne out of pocket of the physician that employs them. The government doesn’t help with this. Doctors here in Alberta, and most of the rest of Canada, don’t receive supplementary health benefits, pensions, mat leave and many more of the aspects which we the public generally take for granted.

I already know of a physician that left practice and moved to the U.S. and tripled her salary as well as received a benefits package including pension and health benefits. By making this blanket statement stating that CNA represents 139,000 members and that we all agree with your position on the tax laws, makes us look bad in the eyes of the public and, more so, the colleagues we work with. The physicians have supported us for years through various contract negotiations and when something comes that affects them, the CNA essentially throws them under the bus?

I would ask that the CNA amends the statement it made to not include me in this as I do not support it. Better yet, remove the statement entirely and apologize to its members for making assumptions about our thoughts in this matter and that we support the physicians and small business owners in being against these proposed tax changes.

Dave Zeeb, RN BN


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4 Responses to “Not all nurses agree with CNA statement”

  1. chinook says:

    I don’t understand why you would try and protect those who use loopholes to enrich themselves. Every dollar they ‘save’ is actually dollars they steal from hard working taxpayers. I’ve been in business for myself but not incorporated. Once you become incorporated you get tax advantages which IF used as intended would be no problem. However it is a problem when its exploited and this is what has happened; these guys have found sneaky ways to use it to their advantage and the playing field is not equal; they’ve corrupted it. Time for honesty. We all need to pay our fair share; this form of stealing is unacceptable and on that point I’m glad the Fed’s have put these new rules in place.

  2. George McCrea says:

    Actually if there is corruption it was those very politicians who corrupted it. Any accountant worth their salt wouldn’t be breaking any rules. Further loopholes implies tax evasion or tax avoidance. You call them loopholes, business people called them legally legislated tax deductions. You didn’t incorporate, looks like you missed the legal advantages that were legislated. Boo hoo to you. Could you please clarify how taxed income from a business put into a passive investment and subject to taxation and capital gains upon redemption is stealing from the taxpayers.

    • LGLee says:

      Are you one of the people affected, George? Or are you just shilling for them?

      • Fescue says:

        It is difficult to tell what he is on about at times, LGLee.

        I thought the following article pointed out the main issues in current tax law and why it is not fair to the taxpayer (the people who actually pay taxes, that is).


        It would be nice if every person paid their fair share of taxes on the income they get to spend. The I-Hate-Taxes crowd seems to think that money for our infrastructure and social system can just be borrowed by governments forever. Or they say we (people/government) should get rid of all the things they no longer value or need (austerity): Apres moi, le deluge.

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