January 21st, 2018

Examining spin on energy efficiency program

By Letter to the Editor on September 14, 2017.

Can 79 per cent of the people be wrong? I refer to The Herald’s “Question of the Day,” asking readers if they think the province’s energy efficiency program has been worthwhile. The results, majority “No.”

When you read the story in the Aug. 28 Herald regarding CEO Monica Curtis in charge of Energy Efficiency Alberta, you would think “Yes.” Of course, she must put a positive spin on the program to justify her (I am guessing) high six-figure salary, with the billions the NDP Alberta government is wasting. The statistics she uses regarding water and electricity savings, well, as a friend of mine said regarding this, “I have read more truth in fairy tales.”

As a shareholder/taxpayer, when our CEO gives a report it should include factual data, like cost per house verses savings per household. In the past two years, I have converted my house to 90 per cent LED bulbs at my expense, Stupid, right? OK, I did take advantage of the government’s instant rebate on LED bulbs, sold through local retailers for $0.99, the only program that made sense to me. I went back three years on my electrical bills and if I give full credit to my LED bulb changeover, I saved 600 kWh at an average cost of $0.04 per kWh equals $24. I do not have AC so that is not a factor regarding the sweltering summer and electricity used.

My brother took advantage of the program and he was very happy with the results. It was a local business person, very professional and detailed and took about 45 minutes to complete the bulb and showerhead conversion. Now I am sure he was not getting paid $15 per hour, so what is the cost?

What always gets me upset regarding governments at all levels is they only tell you what is best for them and definitely not the truth or provide all the facts, be it energy efficiency, closing coal-fired generation or illegal border crossings. Just give us the facts and the cost; after all we are the ones paying the bills. Presently in Alberta we have very affordable electricity and that is because of coal-fired generation; when that is gone so will be our affordable electricity. We will be another Ontario where people must decide between food or power. Let’s not be another Ontario with the largest per capita debt in Canada, $300 billion.

Barrie Orich


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5 Responses to “Examining spin on energy efficiency program”

  1. phlushie says:

    Barrie, knowing what I know now; if we reduced our electrical consumption to 30 kWh per month the companies will adjust their fixed cost rates to compensate for their loss of income. This summer I turned of my natural gas and had zero consumption but was still paying $60.00 per month just to remain connected. It seems that every industry is not concerned about providing service or product but is more concerned with revenue stream even if nothing is provided to the customer.

  2. wheatking5 says:

    phlushie, you must have an electric hot water system or like cold showers. Barrie simply wants facts and the majority of taxpayers likely want the same. So tired of the political spin on a bad policy.

  3. Fedup Conservative says:

    @wheatking It’s got nothing to do with having an electric hot water tank. My friends who own cottages shut them down in October , turn off all the utilities and they still pay at least $60. per month and it all started when Ralph Klein deregulated our electricity and natural gas, as they have all pointed out. It doesn’t matter if you don’t use any electricity or natural gas at all you still have to pay all the fees that they were allowed to add to our bills.

    My late father was a power plant engineer and he certainly knew what deregulation was going to do to us and he was right. Where were you when we desperately tried to stop Klein from deregulating it? Voting for Klein , of course. Now just think what it’s done to the cost of our health care and education systems , as two of Lougheed’s former MLAs pointed out to me in 2003.

    The last figure I recall , several years ago, provided by Keith Provost , retired senior vice president of Alberta Power was that it had cost Albertans an extra $40 billion and I bet he was right. Every place deregulation was tried it’s been a huge failure, so why did you help let Klein do it to us?

  4. wheatking5 says:

    FuC, wait until coal is shut down and see where your bill will be at. Guess that will still be Klein’s fault.

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