January 21st, 2018

Why no action on climate change?

By Letter to the Editor on September 14, 2017.

Thanks to Movie Mill’s Leonard Binning, we got to see Al Gore’s film “An Inconvenient Sequel: Truth to Power” – a most important and disturbing film on the realities of man-made climate change. I wonder how many of our local politicians and administrators took time to see it? Our summer has been filled with smoke, heat and drought as never before; wildfires raging in B.C. and Waterton area; to the south of us monster storms, hurricanes and floods.

Fortunately talks are finally underway regarding recycling but do you not find it troubling and unacceptable that council has never discussed “climate change” let alone other obvious and pressing environmental issues like the dire situation of our pollinators, food security, water scarcity or the environmental impacts of unregulated nocturnal lighting?

More than ever we need informed people at the table; individuals who understand the issues and have a desire and vision to set us on a new trajectory of environmental responsibility. With the abundant natural resources we have of sun and wind, our city needs to show leadership and showcase for its citizens what is possible. Doing so would have city-owned facilities like Casa clad in solar panels, wind powered; on geo-thermal; feed-in-tariff. With vision and will, Lethbridge could be powered 100 per cent by renewables as other cities are. We could be known for renewable energy – a centre of research and expertise, apprenticeship training and manufacturing. This would diversify our economy and secure the future for our youth; provide them with jobs they can be proud of. None of this has happened and never will without informed people at the table. We have an election coming up and my hope is that you see the importance of having a strong voice for the environment in the mix.




Rena Woss


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15 Responses to “Why no action on climate change?”

  1. GHG says:

    So we didn’t have any tornadoes, hail or rain storms this summer so now you blame forest fires (a natural phenomenon) on climate change? Gimme a break.

  2. Blue says:

    Great and important Letter! We have visionaries (like you) and we have fossils (like this GHG) who continue to deny the science of man-made climate change. In spite of them we forge on because our future depends on it.

  3. phlushie says:

    I think we are giving ourselves to much credit for the changing climate. Before Our time on earth, our province was tropical then it was under several feet of ice. We were not around to implement this change and we will not be able to control our climate. The climate will change in spite of what we do. I heard some person say that God sent a lightning bolt and set a forest on fire to prove to us that we have no control of the climate change. The fact of the matter is, there was probably more carbon released into the atmosphere from the Kenow fire then all of Canada released in the past 50 years.
    I am not a denier of climate change, it is going to change simply because the earth wobbles on its axis and the north pole is shifting. So maybe the easiest way is to shif the words population to compensate for the wobble, s0omewhat like balancing a tire.

    • GHG says:

      Precisely. Every time we have an unusual weather event or natural disaster the environmentalists jump on it as proof positive the end is nigh. Climate change? Probably. Human caused? Maybe. Pending catastrophe? Never. Wasting tax dollars? Absolutely.

  4. prairiebreze says:

    Difference between man-made climate change and ‘natural’ have been well studied for decades. Mocking the science is ignorant and irresponsible – you are both deniers and add no value to this conversation.
    Take a little time to understand the issue rather than stand at the sidelines throwing out cheap shots.
    I agree with Ms. Woss that we need a mix of candidates. Currently we have too many ‘career’ politicians who are predicable and not moving us in a direction that is progressive – its time we had fresh faces on board. We need people who have a proven track record and not just those only advocating for business. Environment must be factored in.
    NASA: https://earthobservatory.nasa.gov/Features/GlobalWarming/page4.php
    SKEPTICAL SCIENCE: https://www.skepticalscience.com/global-warming-natural-cycle.htm

  5. wheatking5 says:

    All for solar if it is on the top of existing structures. There is a huge footprint for large scale solar projects which is generally placed on productive lands. The enegy produced is miniscule compared to the energy from a gas well which has a small footprint and food can be produced from the rest of the useable land around it. Be careful in wanting (,,,to be known for renewable energy – a centre of research and expertise, apprenticeship training and manufacturing). Every municipality says this but you can’t compete with cheaper overseas production and here it will need to be heavily subsidized. As for the fires, we have had them throughout the ages but we also have more man made occurrences and more loss of personal property because of people living in these areas. The news coverage and social media also brings more attention than we ever had before. There is the pressure to reduce forest management which has resulted in much more fuel to create these monsters. Yes, the climate has also changed but thee science is not proven on man being the only cause.

  6. Fedup Conservative says:

    Ignoring what the scientists have been saying for years is just plain stupid. Yes they have said the earth is warming, but wouldn’t be warming nearly this fast if we weren’t here with our pollution. It’s a well known fact that the oceans are getting warmer, warm air rises and the warmer it is the worse the hurricanes are that it produces, and the more moisture it can carry with it, creating more violent storms when it comes back down, which is what we have all witnessed in the U.S. in the past few days.

    As my niece, who has been in the insurance business for years, says. These deniers will believe it when they find that their house insurance starts costing them $200. – $300. per month more, someone has got to pay for it. My insurance went up $40. per month recently.

    They recently pointed out on our news that where the worse fire storms were in B.C. they had 47 days of above +30c , something that they have never seen before.

  7. snowman says:

    would you say there is a different interpretation of a scepit or denier? I am scepit of all the BS the Ecomob words and action I believe as I see climate change has four enomolies spring- summer fall and winter which begins December 21st each year past and continous . You can go back many years recorded and see high temperature 30- to 40 celsius during summer the last great dust storm.
    WE must be very careful the eco mob has now started court action who the ecomob declare deniers as Suzuki stated must be jailed or the multi millionare Gore with his new garbage movie make him another $5 or $ten million who states all deniers must be placed in camps sounds like the brown (green)shirts are coming. the recent court case by ecojustice against citizens who they class as DENIERS. The big calling by Gore to Miami for all his eco leaders in his green army to begin the green war . look out what you say. I enjoy having co2 in my soda pop have a special machine with a co2 canister to put in the bubbly. final comment Co2 is not a pollutant it classified by federal dangerous good regulations as not dangerous.

    • prairiebreze says:

      So you want us to continue using filthy fossil fuel that pollutes our lakes and rivers – oil spill after oil spill – an industry that destroys wildlife habitat, soil and air; that contributes to massive health issues? You are a fossil indeed; a part of the problem rather than solution. While you would rather send your kids to the coal mines and have them end up with black lung and a drag on our health care system, I would rather send my kids to work in the clean green sector of energy where we don’t destroy the only planet we have that gives us life.

  8. phlushie says:

    One thing for everyone to think about regarding climate change. Nothing will be done without costing us money. In fact humans throw money at everything hoping it will become better. We have become a use and throw away society and we are running out of spaces to throw away. The climate will change, but we will probably make the earth toxic with debris before we will be affected by climate change, and Oh, Insurance companies, they are like the petroleum group that raise their prices because the CEO had a hangnail.
    Rant over.

  9. johnny57 says:

    The sky is falling-the sky is falling! Unbelievable alarmist garbage from you Rene! Where were you schooled?…The David Susuki school of hypocrisy on climate change?
    “Man made climate change?” Why did the glaciers melt and receed some 10 to 15 thousand years ago? Was it those big-bad Neanderthals with their bon-fires pumping green house gases into the atmosphere?
    Give your head a shake Rene! You sound almost as Susukified as some of the posters here!

  10. wheatking5 says:

    If I were a scientist, I too would be endorsing man made climate change. I can come up with all kinds of theories and wouldn’t have to prove a thing and that is job security. Yes, I do agree we need to curb our use of fossil fuels but the world population also needs to stop growing. Third world countries are growing at alrming rates and starving for energy, They will take whatever is the cheapest and that is still fossil fuels. Mankind will perish from other means before climate change takes its toll.

    • chinook says:

      It gets confusing when you go off on a tangent. Yes population is a massive problem; right up there with man-made climate change (we’re breeding like bugs and have to manage our species). But this topic is about climate change. I would rather be part of the solution by embracing renewable energy than continue being slaves to fossil fuel – an industry that in no time flat has polluted our water, air, soil; almost destroyed our planet.

  11. chinook says:

    The fact that Lethbridge Council and Admin have ignored our natural resources of sun/ wind is plain irresponsible! There has never been any leadership on this front by any Council and never will be if we don’t elect people who get the importance of addressing climate change – we’re living in the Palliser Triangle for heavens sake – don’t they understand what that means? I align with Rena’s vision of having us be known for renewable energy – for diversifying our economy and getting our kids jobs in clean green energy – that’s the direction we should be heading.

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