March 22nd, 2018

Don’t unborn deserve same care as others?

By Letter to the Editor on October 5, 2017.

Re: “Liberals leave to protest Harder’s abortion view.”

Rachael Harder says that life begins at conception; is that such a terrible thought? Liberals say these are not Liberal values. So amazing, of course, in their hearts they know that life begins at conception, but it is total denial. Yet in this enlightened age where even surgeries are done on babies in the womb, then how can one deny the fact that life begins at conception?

The problem for the Liberals is that the rights of Mom and Dad overrule the right of the child, until the child exits Mom’s birth canal. The sad fact is that if you do not believe that life begins at conception, then there is no value to life period. That is the reason Hitler experimented with life; any baby not perfect would be aborted.

Is that the Liberal value? I find that concept so hard to wrap my head around. Canadian society is a very caring society, cared for from birth to death, in hospitals and senior homes.

Why not have the same care for the unborn? That is mind-boggling to me.

Hans Visser


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12 Responses to “Don’t unborn deserve same care as others?”

  1. John P Nightingale says:

    Oh please, here we go again…
    Suggesting there is no value in life if one disagrees with Visser et al (regarding abortion/conception) is , how shall I put it, oh yes, “simply ignorant”. But then again , consider the source.
    Regarding the Hitler analogy. Eloquent Mr Visser, so very eloquent and also quite irrelevant.

  2. biff says:

    yes, the unborn, and let’s give rights to the potentially unborn, too: there are unlimited souls floating about awaiting there physical hosts – why are people not copulating endlessly to ensure these potentially unborn become the unborn so that we can force the female vessel to carry to term…then when they become the born they will in time be able to ensure more of the potentially unborn become the unborn so as to keep the process going ad nauseum. let us not waste a droplet of sprem, and let us ensure women do their duty and know their place. thanks mr. visser for echoing the brilliance of the pro-control-over-women lobby. soon, i shall be able to own my wife, like back in the good old days, and she will again be one step below the cattle, the way the bible tells us god wants it to be.

  3. snoutspot4 says:

    And yet another fundamentalist christian is so scientifically illiterate that they constantly pen these missives. I don’t care who you vote for, but I will not give up my Charter rights for religion. Rachael Harder has made it known that she (and Hans and the rest of the coven) want to make women property and declare ALL Canadian women as state-owned entities. I am not property and I am not expendable. The sheer utter lunacy of Rachael Harder being the Chair of a committee that is committed to ALL women is what I don’t get. Hans wants to institute Christian law. If he had one ounce of empathy in his body, he would realize that he supports reproductive slavery. How many women have to die for you folks? How many women have to be tortured to satisfy you? Given that you and yours do NOTHING to support women after the fetus is born (thus a viable child) you are literally forced birth. You are not pro-life you are anti-choice.

    Rachael Harder DOESN’T represent me. She is a shameful example for all women everywhere. She is still a member of the Committee but she will no longer be able to strip Canadian women of their Charter rights by directing the agenda. At a minimum she can start with how to resurrect the homes for unwed mothers which are a nasty stain on this country. I know because I lost three friends in high school in BC because of them. One died trying to escape/committed suicide, one simply disappeared, and one died in forced childbirth. A fourth women that I met in Lethbridge was frog-marched naked down the hallway from cell to the “labour room” with a fooling breach (the leg was dangling out of her vagina and she was bleeding profusely). The fetus was born, and immediately stripped away from her to be given to a “nice moral Christian family”. She was given 24 hours and then put out on the street with enough money far a bus ticket. Her family had abandoned her for the sin of sexual intercourse (even though it was her stepfather who impregnated her). He was a fine upstanding Christian too. Not going back to those days.

    • manby says:

      She doesn’t represent me either.
      I find many of her speeches in parliament very attacking! Surely a politician should not let their personal beliefs dictate to them, after all we constituents,all have different views.
      I would never force any of these people who write here to have an abortion, their rights are not comprised by the law. Yet the ‘hate’ I feel from the comments written here, is astounding, as it comes from people who apparently believe in heaven and hell, where is their love, kindness and compassion? Not all people believe in what they believe in. Yet they seem to threaten,those of us who do not have their beliefs.

    • jill0122 says:

      Gee, I guess you quit reading any scientific journals on the journey from embryo to birth. Heatbeat starts at 8 weeks, brainwaves at 9, and by 12 weeks every organ is present and functioning. Scientists still argue wether pain is felt at 9 weeks or 18, but all agree that by 18; they feel pain. Canada allows “gender abortion after the 20 week ultrasound is done. Preemies are saved at 21 weeks now. The pediatricians and ultrasound groups have both campaigned to stop the late term aborting of healthy baby girls between 21 – 29 weeks. (Those abortion Dr.’s cannot always accommodate quickly). They are now saving preemies at 21 weeks. The polls show that 72% support a law, and the Supreme Court had never envisioned that when they struck down the way the law was written, that it wouldn’t have been immediately replaced.

      Hans Visser was right,the important issue to address is to de-humanize them. Slaves weren’t considered human, Hitler stressed that Jews and other groups were flawed, evil, and of negative value, and now the unborn isn’t considered human til…. I can’t fathom anyone who studies the science these days, would ever destroy another baby.

      • snoutspot4 says:

        Clearly you are the one who needs a science education that is not from your propaganda groups. You are deliberately obfuscating the facts. You are right about one thing, slaves weren’t considered human. Yet, you seek to enslave and dehumanize women. How many women have to die for you? How many abandoned newborns have to die for you? How many suicides are enough for you? You can’t stop a person from killing themselves. Finally, it is ludicrous to suggest that late term abortions of healthy fetuses is a common practice. It only occurs under very specific medical emergencies. Your suggestion that anyone can just get one is disingenuous. Also there is no such thing as an abortion doctor. They are highly trained OB/GYN’s. Again, please provide evidence and also clarify which poll and which law you say supports your assertion that Canadians support a law that bans all forms of pregnancy termination. As to premature fetuses (i.e., those born 5 to 6 weeks before the age of viability) you conveniently fail to mention that the rate of neonatal death or permanent brain damage, respiratory collapse, liver and kidney failure are increased. Lastly, what if the fetus dies in utero? Are you suggesting that a woman should carry a dead fetus for 20 weeks knowing full well that the dead fetus can rot and generate a deadly infection.

  4. alberta1 says:

    Oh my gosh, the vitriol directed at those who defend life! Not quite sure what to say to those individuals who hate human life, other than to hope they find their dignity again. Good grief, a woman gets pregnant and gives birth to a baby, not a potato. It really is very simple. My gosh, the devil really has people confused. I am truly sorry for those who do not recognize their dignity. Each person is unique , what the heck do you think happens at conception? Those Liberals need to step up to the plate and stop killing babies at the altar of political correctness. Abortion is evil. Murder is evil. One and the same.
    ( Probably will get this comment removed as the Mainstream Media is not interested in spreading truth)

    • snoutspot4 says:

      You forgot slavery is evil. And what the heck do think happens at conception? I doubt your comment will be deleted by the MSM; the Herald is neither MSM nor do they remove comments from the religious right. So far they’ve fast-tracked all letters from you folks. On the other hand, you might get your comment removed for suggesting that women are nothing more than incubators that are property. Or just for the general factually incorrect information. Keep on spreading “your truth”. Oh and let us all know when you acquire a uterus. Truly sad.

    • biff says:

      this is not defending life – it is defending the right of women to choose all that is related to their body. we each, male and female, have a right to decide all that relates to our bodies. perhaps the fetus could be removed and grown artificially in your home, ab1, and in the homes of others of your position, but it will not be forced to birth in the body of an unwilling woman. you can then figure out how to raise the baby once it is able to breathe and eat on its own. good luck to you all. simple as that.

  5. johnny57 says:

    What “floors” me is the hatred and hostility shown for any other point of view other than the “Pro-choice” one. The christenphobia on this forum is sad and hopefully would be toned-down a bit!

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