March 22nd, 2018

A better way to ensure prudent spending of public money

By Letter to the Editor on October 7, 2017.

In a recently published letter to the editor, Barrie Orich made the following observation: “My most basic belief is government/bureaucrats are extremely inefficient and very wasteful of taxpayers’ money, at all three levels of government.”

He follows the statement with two examples he regards as indicative of waste and inefficiency in the public sector.

The efficient use of taxpayers’ dollars is a matter about which Mr. Orich is right to be concerned. I am also concerned about the prudent use of my tax dollars (as I am certain many others are as well), and so on that score, Mr. Orich and I are in complete agreement.

However, serious matters such as these are not well-debated using belief statements and anecdotes. Rather than rhetorically fanning the flames of distrust of government and propagating images of lazy, self-serving public employees, a more reasoned course of action would be to ensure that our elected representatives are doing everything they can to bring about efficiencies in the delivery of public services. We could start that conversation by asking what systems and auditing procedures are already place to monitor and improve the use of public dollars and service delivery.

Tom Johnston


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  1. petie150513 says:

    Excellent letter Tom.

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