February 19th, 2018

One mark enough to do civic duty

By Letter to the Editor on October 7, 2017.

Once again the time has come to remind the voters that no matter how many vacancies are on council and school boards, if you only want to vote for one candidate, that is it!

If you mark the full number, those could be the difference of your candidate winning or losing!

I would also advise that you check the track record of the incumbents. I have a copy of The Herald’s candidate bios, and the memory goes once you are elected, and the things you promised if elected are trashed.

In closing, when you vote, remember, one mark is enough to do your civic duty on Election Day.

John Kobal


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2 Responses to “One mark enough to do civic duty”

  1. biff says:

    as the system keeps returning the same old, and does too little to thwart waste, inefficiency, and corruption, i feel the most effective thing is to stay away. voting legitimises our shoddy and rupturing “democracy”. the best message would be to say i cannot no longer support what has been happening. even in the old soviet union, elections were held, and you could vote for favourite red party official.

  2. Montreal13 says:

    All that happens then is,they think you don’t care. So it gives more license to do exactly what they want. If you are not following council meetings or at least some subjects,they love it.Then you have made no effort to be able to question anything. The more people in the dark on the facts the better for some of them on council. They can tell you anything . Some do and often get away with it.

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