May 22nd, 2018

Operating a business carries risks, but there’s help available

By Letter to the Editor on December 3, 2017.

Upon reading the articles (Lethbridge Herald) pertaining to Galt Manor apartments and letter writer Barry Orich, I have a much different opinion of the situation. Before judgment or opinions are accepted, perhaps more questions should be asked of this scenario.

Mr. Cutler’s demise is a direct result of his lack of business and landlord experience. Mr. Cutler claims he started the rental property business with good older tenants. So what happened to the good tenants?

I would think that over a matter of time, Mr. Cutler replaced his good tenants with anyone that came asking for a rental accommodation.

In the rental business there are rules and guidelines all landlords should research and adhere to fulfill. Consumer and Corporate Affairs is the governing body that enacts and enforces the Residential Tenancies Act. All landlords and tenants should be aware of the Act and adhere to the guidelines implemented. Terminations, covenants, recovery of damages, resolutions and remedies are all covered under the Act. Copies of the Statutes of Alberta Residential Tenancies Act are available from Alberta Queen’s Printer or on line for purchase or viewing.

An application with careful screening is the first step in acquiring responsible tenants. A signed Residential Tenancy Agreement and an inspection report are vital and are requirements in accordance with the Residential Tenancies Act. Did Mr. Cutler fulfill all of these requirements?

If a landlord faces litigation proceedings, it is highly unlikely a judge will award a judgment without proper documentation and disclosure. Consumer and Corporate Affairs, Alberta Health Services, Fire Prevention officers and City building inspectors all have sweeping powers and are willing to help in resolving issues regarding landlord or tenants but you must contact them. Ramblings and musings achieve little success. The city and councillors did not cause Mr. Cutler’s misfortunes. It is irresponsible to “fantasize” such a notion. And, the members of the Lethbridge Police Service have criminal activities to act on rather than settle civil disputes.

The City and provincial government cannot be held accountable or responsible for any business’s decline let alone repairs to a building. If that was the case, every business owner would ask for taxpayers’ money to repair their businesses rather than have a contingency fund for operations. There is great risk in operating any business and the entrepreneur must consider all aspects prior to purchasing or obtaining. There is help available for those who ask.

Stan Adamus


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3 Responses to “Operating a business carries risks, but there’s help available”

  1. petie150513 says:

    Great letter. You took the words out of my mouth. Mr. Cutler failed to do due diligence and the government is not responsible for his poor decisions. His inept business practices at the outset is responsible. Who on earth would purchase a multi-unit residential property, fail to maintain it, lack proper vetting of residents, with no property manager (or the building owner living there), and expect it to run itself? The only person culpable is Mr. Cutler himself.

  2. Jagtech says:

    Under Alberta (and Canadian) law, a landlord is obligated to accept the first applicant that comes along, or face the wrath of the Human Rights police. If an applicant is rejected, they can simply scream discrimination,and will likely get their way. I suspect that Mr Cutler was simply trying to stay within the law. And all it takes is one bad tenant to force all of your good tenants to leave. Good luck getting rid of the bad one!
    Now the Province wants to change the regulations so that anyone of any age can live in 55+ seniors communities. Likely because someone played the (age) discrimination card. Totally absurd.
    Its high time our Residential Tenancies Act was changed, to perhaps include a little “common sense”.

  3. biff says:

    here here, jag! tenant laws are pretty much a fail. while the renter requires some fairness, things are so skewed such that landlords are at the mercy of unfaithful tenants. ndp, here is an opportunity to change something for the better. and please, keep 55+ availability as is.

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