May 21st, 2018

Liberals aren’t only ones with valid opinions

By Letter to the Editor on December 6, 2017.

For seven years I have watched as The Herald has been taken over by the libs, dippers and lefty crazies. If a normal person writes a common sense letter, he or she is immediately shouted down by assorted loons and goobers.

They want everyone to believe that they alone have the “facts” about everything. Well, I don’t agree with them about anything that I can think of! For you so-called “social justice warriors” and other over-the-top perpetually offended lefty wingnuts, I would like to reveal some actual “facts” as believed by most severely normal people in southern Alberta.

Fact: Justin Trudeau would be in jail or executed for treason in most countries, not revered for his hair and socks! In two years he has not helped a single average Canadian, veteran or senior. He has, however, given away billions of our tax money to UN dictators and raised taxes repeatedly to further his personal agenda of a seat on the UN security council or, in his dreams, the Grand Poobah position of Secretary General!

Fact: Rachel Notley is a socialist and will ruin the province as fast as she can with her pie-in-the-sky fairy dust ideas.

Fact: Mankind did not evolve from a one-celled organism living in the sea. Just not possible. Where did this single living cell come from? We didn’t evolve from monkeys either. Why are there still monkeys?

Fact: The are two genders, that’s all! Having an operation changes your appearance, not your gender!

Fact: Oil and natural gas are here to stay! This is Canada. It is cold seven months of the year. Windmills and solar panels and fairy dust won’t keep us from freezing. What good is a so-called electric truck when it takes the energy equivalent of 4,000 homes to charge a battery that is made from toxic rare earth minerals?

I can hear the lefty heads exploding now and am certainly looking forward to the fun of reading all the rants dismissing me as a know-nothing dinosaur. However, these are the facts that everyone except the vocal left believe to be true and it is about time someone spoke up for the “silent majority,” so scream all you want, libs, but facts are facts and what you consider the truth is only your opinion and my opinions are just as valid as yours.

Mike Davio

Fort Macleod

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50 Responses to “Liberals aren’t only ones with valid opinions”

  1. johnny57 says:

    Great letter Mike! And yes the “left wing” loonies will soon be lining up to take pot-shots at you so prepare yourself lol.
    In my opinion you have a good read on what is happening in our Country and province.
    But sooner than later (hopefully) the silent majority will wake-up and the pendulum will swing back.
    Until that time we have to watch our economy and society being ransacked by these whacko socialists.

    • grinandbearit says:

      Very hard to get excited to learn that there is another confused person in our area who does not know the difference between opinions and facts. Trumpians everywhere i guess.

      The letter writer should try to be more concise. It would do no harm to the content of the letter and would have saved space to edit it down to:
      “I am proud of my ignorance about many important aspects of our world.”

  2. John P Nightingale says:

    Fact is Mr Davio , you are full of “it”.
    And J57, predictably, penned yet another memorable response.
    New BFF.

  3. Jim Linville says:

    Mr Davio complains about people being “shouted down by assorted loons and goobers” but what does his letter constitute? What does his string of insults represent but an unwillingness to express himself rationally? His “facts” are anything but and his exaggeration of the PM’s presumed failings is comical. “In jail or executed for treason”? My shattered nerves.

  4. George McCrea says:

    3 of the 5 horsemen of the Apocalypse have shown up. Good job Mike.

  5. biff says:

    excellent satire, mike! a good chuckle, indeed. johnny and george – you bought it?! lol

    • George McCrea says:

      Just the part about the libs, left, crazies and
      goobers . Commenters didn’t let Mike down.
      Always elitist, always condescending. Never
      constructive unless you agree with them.
      Good job Mike. You triggered them all.

      • Fescue says:

        Are you just a wee bit jealous, GM, that none of the leftlibcrazygoobersocialjusticewarriorelitistloons played in your chinatempestinateapot Letter sandbox?

      • Tony Pargeter says:

        Yeah. Good job. Clever. You showed them, all those elite intellectuals always obsessed with silly things like fairness.
        And pretending that these “opinions” are all just a joke and not actually connected to conservatives? Kind of hard NOT to be condescending to the right wing at this point isn’t it? Entirely discredited aren’t they? Look around. Say what you will about the left, and they can definitely be a tad precious, but it’s impossible to imagine a Trump coming from them.
        “Goobers” isn’t a term I’ve heard before but it strikes me as more representative of guys like Andrew Scheer who looks exactly like Howdy Doody.

        • petie150513 says:

          Think the deep south of North America – a peanut.

          nounNORTH AMERICANinformal
          plural noun: goobers
          a peanut.

          • Tony Pargeter says:

            Oh, ok, an American term. That makes sense, especially here in Alberta. Texas of Canada. I always thought it odd that Preston Manning sounded just like Jimmy Stewart. Hokey.
            The old childish reply, “I know you are but what am I?” comes to mind frequently when I read most conservative commentary, but the aggression sounds more like a juvenile male in tribal mode, kind of like the hordes of angry young Arab men seen on the news so often. Always all men, no mitigation. No women.
            Clearly that’s a significant problem wherever it occurs.

            • petie150513 says:

              Well Texas of the North is in the rear-view mirror at this point. Move a little east – more like the Alabama of Canada at this point. I do not agree that all the world’s strife is about men. When you have women who attack other women for speaking up, who turn the other way when a woman crosses their line that’s not a male problem. As for so-called angry Arab men on the news, try talking about all the good old boys and girls right here in the news. Yes I’m a guy, yes I have raised children, and I am a feminist. Funny that.

              • Tony Pargeter says:

                Well it’s probably obvious that I’m a woman who got tired of trying to log in on this site.
                Men have been in charge from day one, still are, and are overwhelmingly the principle perpetrators of aggression and violence wherever it is found in the world. Women aren’t even worthy of mention in that context.
                The reference to angry young Arab men comes to mind because the extreme degree of religious identification and tribal zeal they display is something we have seen all of our lives in the ongoing Middle East crisis, but it has now become comparable to the avidity of the populist right wing everywhere in the world as well.
                Many people here would vote for a straw bale as long as it was labelled conservative. That’s clearly unthinking and irresponsible. And kind of dumb actually. Not coincidentally, many conservatives are also believers, so that’s another way that they resemble Americans– having complementary delusions. The fact that both religion and political philosophy are just ideas is irrelevant to such people and that’s a huge problem, because all ideas should be subject to evaluation and change.

                • snoutspot4 says:

                  Why on earth would anyone expected to “Well it’s probably obvious that I’m a woman who got tired of trying to log in on this site.” Really Patricia? You have given no reason for why you can’t log in. And your comments are revealing in that you never discuss the specifics of past events here. If one reads your responses carefully, they never reach the standard of knowing about things here.

                  • Tony Pargeter says:

                    I missed this comment. I simply have zero patience with the computer password runaround, a frustration which is quite common is it not? But not really the issue is it, since most people commenting on here don’t use their own names anyway, including you. Theoretically, there’s some merit in that, anonymous, free-standing opinions and discussion but I have noticed it’s the same people. So I guess you all feel ownership of this section, sort of a closed, private club for long-standing residents only, rather than a public forum for the public newspaper.
                    “My comments are revealing in that I never discuss the specifics of past events here?” So “the standard of knowing about things here” is a pre-requisite for any commentary according to you? Listen to yourself. Talk about parochial and narrow-minded. I wasn’t born here, but either were you, and I have spent most of my life in this province, as I pointed out already, and mostly in the rural parts with their predominantly conservative mindset as well.
                    I have also given birth to sons actually, but that certainly doesn’t stop me from acknowledging the ubiquitous problems in the world with male behaviour; in fact it makes it clearer. The question before us as human beings could be distilled to, will we be able to survive the male of the species? Testosterone is obviously a factor.
                    You say you’re a scientist. Isn’t denying this reality in the world kind of like religious believers denying reality, period? Or denying climate change for god’s sake?
                    Also to the scientific perspective, just because YOUR kid isn’t involved in any of the “toxic masculinity” we all read in the news daily obviously doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist! Come on. What about objective truth? Critical thinking? Isn’t that what science is all about? Isn’t that our only hope as war-like, tribal animals?
                    It’s also like denying that the religion of Islam is clearly the most problematic in an already bad field, just because not every single Muslim commits heinous acts! I just read another article pointing out that ISIS may have been temporarily driven out of Iraq, but the idea remains. The idea is obviously the common denominator, and therefore the problem.
                    That’s why discussions like this one are important and should be open. There’s a lot of crap from ignoramuses, but one always hopes to find a few useful nuggets. Clearly that will not happen here.

  6. snoutspot4 says:

    Can we vote on the most hilarious thing ever published in the Herald? Seriously. Bravo, Mr. Davio – you are the Gold Medal winner.

  7. Fescue says:

    Everything’s going to be all right, Mike … now, now … nobody wants to see the nice monkeys disappear.

    (What’s Hans going to write about this week, with everything having been covered so succinctly in this Letter?)

    • snoutspot4 says:

      Never fear, Hans has the market cornered on “severely normal”. The fact that women are property and are meant to serve men and have babies on command and God is the ruler of all things (here check this book of myths). Mike’s letter didn’t cover that part (plus he didn’t cover the persons who it is a legitimate opinion to stone to death. Also that parental rights include the right to let your child die to thin the herd of the weakest members. Ah well, we have a weekend of facts to look forward to. I’m a gonna take my unwelcome libtard leftist loony money and like the snowflake I am, spend it where my lunatic fringe dollars are accepted at par. Obviously, my blatant weaknesses mean that my money is no good in Fort Macleod. While I’m enjoying my annual repast eating babies (’cause that’s on every atheists war on Christmas agenda), perhaps I’ll consider giving that town a pass. They’re on to us and I sure wouldn’t want to blow my cover. Strangest tourist add ever – Welcome to Fort Macleod – non-seriously normal persons are not welcome here.

  8. johnny57 says:

    Looks like we really gave that Liberal hornets-nest a good thump this time Mike! lol, as expected they have their impotent stingers out (especially JPN) and no sense of direction lol.

  9. Steve Bottrell says:

    Seek help.

  10. Fedup Conservative says:

    Once more we see the idiotic comments from Mike, George and johnny57 who bad mouth the Liberals after they supported Liberal Ralph Klein for 14 years and watched him destroy what Lougheed had created for us and that makes them a lot smarter than the rest of us. Now they are quit willing to support Jason Kenney another former Liberal, making themselves look like the dumbest guys on the planet, and they’re proud of it. However it’s fun watching prove how stupid they really are, it gives us all a good laugh. As a friend would say, if he were alive today, “I wonder what it’s like to be that stupid”.

    Another guy told me years ago that he had a cure for these Liberal Klein-lovers. “Run to the nearest wall as fast as you can, ram your head on it , as hard as you can, and see if you can jump-start your brain it’s not working”. I doubt it would work with these guys. Their heads are concrete.

    • George McCrea says:

      This letter should have been addressed to a Allan Spiller. Hits all the points. Liberal, left wing loon, goober. Lol.. You run off at the mouth. Klein died years ago and it appears nobody updated you. Nothing against Liberals or reasoned liberal thought. Just have trouble with ranters like yourself. Just enjoy all the anonymity on this board. Everyone hiding behind a door. Lol.

  11. johnny57 says:

    I can’t help but “consider the source” from pity-petie, biff and of course the one and lonely (not so current) Fedup.

  12. Fedup Conservative says:

    Great comments George and johnny57 proving once again how ignorant you are, but as a University Professor told me years ago “These guys can’t be changed , they don’t want to know the truth, they can’t handle the truth, they are the pathetic narrow-minded people they prove they are and you and I can’t do anything about it”

    I get it Klein was their hero and yes he is dead , but they continue to pay for what he did to them and will until they die and they don’t care. Even when it’s been a huge disaster for a lot of Albertans. Even when it effects them directly they don’t care, they turn a blind eye. Paying the highest property taxes in Canada, highest power bills, still paying the second highest, and 8th highest in North America we are told, They don’t care what deregulation has done to our retail prices and what it’s done to our Health care and Education costs, as was pointed out to me by former MLAs.

    They don’t want the NDP that true conservatives elected to fix the “Horrific Mess” Klein left us with, as Lougheed called it. They are more than willing to let another former Liberal Jason Kenney, who’s promising to make their lives even worse , but they don’t care. Their minds are so screwed they believe supporting anyone who adds the word conservative to their name is the right thing to do. Pathetic human beings indeed.

    • George McCrea says:

      Yep and we can see from your continual rants that you are the only clear thinker in the room. Small room and the room is empty. Why don’t you try another tactic and beat on another dead guy, Jim Prentice. You are one disgusting person FUC.

      • biff says:

        hey, g.m., people still beat on hitler, mussolini et al., too. just because one is dead, does not mean they are now saintly. fed up is repetitive, and all things seem to wind back to klein, stelmach and redford with him. maybe they are the reason the leafs cannot win a cup? however, he hits the nail on the head every time he reminds us how klein set us up to be robbed to the max; how we have been left with a massive environmental mess, and we will be on the hook for the fallout: economic, social, and health. because you, g.m., and far too many other deniers, prefer to turn a blind eye to the devastation is why fed up keeps pounding the same pulpit. i suspect he will move on when enough people wake up.
        as for prentice, let us not get that one started, in this thread, anyway.

        • George McCrea says:

          Yeh last time I looked it was Klein who was setting up gas chambers and firing squads. Hey you want to beat up on dead people who can’t defend themselves, you get the affect but none of the reasoning.

  13. IMO says:

    It is more than evident that many adults need to return to an elementary classroom where students are routinely and regularly reminded to “use kind words” and “show respect”.

    Please refer to the image of Yo-Yo Ma interacting with a group of students, Keeler Elementary School, Calgary, in the following item. In particular, pay close attention to what is printed on the white board in the background.

    Calgary Philharmonic Orchestra president Paul Dornian is quite correct in stating that, “If you want to change the world, invest in the children.”

    • Tony Pargeter says:

      I agree about children but fail to see the relevance of what you have posted here, except possibly the comparable level of immaturity found. And can we please start admitting that the nasty, juvenile and anti-intellectual tone is found far more in the conservative domain?
      I am so tired of hearing that conservatism and liberalism, especially now, are equal political philosophies, both fair and worthy of the same respect. They’re absolutely not and to say otherwise is completely disingenuous.
      Few reasonable people would argue the value of simple civility but Lethbridge being so conservative and religious (I have never seen so many churches in my life) means that the newspaper prints a fair number of letters like this one. (Not their fault obviously, they take what is sent.) Possibly less deliberately provocative ones, but many with a similarly provincial, parochial sentiment.
      Politics and religion are interchangeable here which makes Alberta (especially southern) increasingly like the U.S., and with the consequences of that manifesting at the moment, most liberal thinkers feel more nervous than usual I would say. Any thinking person should. To blindly show respect and/or kindly feeling in a knee-jerk way is itself the way of the religious, and I would say always misplaced, (too important), but never more than under the current circumstances.
      For example, I seriously doubt that Yo-Yo Ma is a conservative.

      • snoutspot4 says:

        Once again, you claim that you live here. That you voted in the 2013 Civic Election which left me on a death list (do you know why?) It was far more than about religious persecution by christians which goes on every day.

        At this point you are either the greatest poe the world has ever seen, or you simply have not lived here. Your rhetoric is too generic.

        • Tony Pargeter says:

          What are you talking about? I assumed your piece on Fort Macleod was an attempt at humour, since it was amusing and used all the stupid names.
          I do live here, have for two and a half years so did not vote in any civic election since I was in Victoria, but I was born in rural, central Alberta, so know whereof I speak on the topic.
          I’m a woman, as I said on another post, using my husband’s name for convenience mainly, (at least these are our names, why doesn’t everyone just use their names actually), as well as out of a curiosity about how differently my comments will be received. And it has been as I expected.
          I have no idea why you are offended, or why you are trying to offend me. I am a liberal and an atheist as well, which I assumed you were, since you said as much. No idea what a death list even is in the context you speak of either.
          I won’t reply further.

          • snoutspot4 says:

            Exactly. I am an atheist, a woman, and a feminist. I was born and raised in Vancouver. I did my graduate work in Montreal. I came here 25 years ago and Lethbridge destroyed my life. I also gave birth to a male child. He is 23 years old and he is a very sweet man. You pissed me off the moment you said that men were the reason for all world strife. I stood for him when people in this town told him that he was born to be a rapist because he was a boy. I will not tolerate women who tell that to a child. The worst abuse I have ever had was when another woman told me that I wasn’t the right kind of woman otherwise I would raise my child to be something he wasn’t. That I was the wrong kind of women. So I really don’t care if you respond. But if you say once again, that my child is a problem, then I will defend him. There is nothing wrong with being born male. The only black mark he has is something I apologize to him every day. I’m sorry that you were born in Lethbridge. I’ll never forgive myself for believing that he would be safe from blame for being a boy.

            So if you can’t figure out how to have a separate account that isn’t your husband’s, then no wonder you blame men. This feminist, atheist, woman, scientist, will defend her autonomy and her son above all else.

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