May 26th, 2018

MPs should be voices of reason, not disrespect

By Letter to the Editor on December 6, 2017.

The Honorable Blake Richards, Member of Parliament from Alberta, has been yelling in Parliament with the effect of drowning out the voices of other Members of Parliament. He is the first person to be removed from Parliament by the Sergeant-At-Arms for this kind of breach of decorum in living memory.

As a Canadian citizen, I must ask Mr. Richards to stop abusing the institution of government and the Parliament of Canada. Please instead consider providing reasoned responses to issues facing Canadians and help the government choose between the alternatives it is contemplating. Consider directing your efforts to providing positive input towards the guidance of the country of Canada and its federal government. I would further expect that Members of Parliament, such as Mr. Richards, would do this in a manner that is respectful of our parliamentary system and also respectful of the other members of this great institution.

I am angry at the movement afoot, headed by some bad actors, to change the Parliament of Canada from a place where our elected representatives can discuss issues in a reasoned and productive manner, to a place of shouted slogans, screaming invective and denial of the right to be heard.

I hope Mr. Richards, and the other Members of Parliament, will find it within themselves to become voices of reason and progress, and to protect our system of government and its institutions.

Tom Moffatt


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One Response to “MPs should be voices of reason, not disrespect”

  1. Fedup Conservative says:

    Tom is right and no one knows better than a group of us true-conservative seniors who tried to explain to other seniors what Ralph Klein was doing to this province and what it was going to do to them down the road. We got called “Traitors, Communists, Left-wing Nuts, or Closet- Liberals”, Now these same people are whining about the financial mess they voted themselves into. What a surprise.

    While these deranged people bad mouthed the Liberals they were supporting one, making themselves look rather stupid. . The Klein our family knew, always bragged about being a Liberal. The fact is he was a Reformer, a dictator just like Stephen Harper and they have a lot of ignorant followers.

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