April 22nd, 2018

Motorist grateful for help of guardian angels

By Letter to the Editor on January 10, 2018.

Folks, we have guardian angels in southern Alberta!

Dec. 27 at 9 p.m., I found myself in a ditch just a bit from Nobleford. As I was standing in two and half feet of snow, in total darkness, a single senior citizen on the verge of a panic attack and unable to raise AMA, a young man pulled over to help.

He was Trenton from Claresholm and the kind of kid you’d like your daughter to bring home for supper, a keeper.

Then another gentleman pulled over and his whole family piled out to help – kids and wife. Then a third gentleman pulled up who just happened to be their father – Dave Slingerland.

They could quickly see I was useless and took over, and in a matter of minutes my car was on the road aimed south. Words could not express now thankful I was for this help – because I truly was useless!

The experience taught me three things: 1. to always carry extra mitts, hats and scarves; 2. always carry a good shovel – trying to dig out snow with a snow brush doesn’t work; and 3. when you see such a situation, slow down and perhaps stop to see if an extra set of hands might help. Too many just whizzed by.

I am so thankful that these angels stopped for me. Good karma will surely come their way. And I will surely pay this forward!

Marlene Applegate


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6 Responses to “Motorist grateful for help of guardian angels”

  1. Tony Pargeter says:

    Selling those people short aren’t you? Acts of kindness are entirely human.

  2. biff says:

    happy to hear a tough situation was alleviated safely and so much more quickly than it might well have otherwise. not sure why it was not possible to get ama – would like to hear more as to what you experienced with them (just a recording, no agents available…). regardless, thank you for some great news as we tend to be shorted by the media on all the good that happens around us.

  3. already extinct says:

    biff, re:(……it was not possible to get ama) obviously you have not had to employ your road assistance provider in an emergency very often? They guarantee nothing in that regard.

    I would add to Ms. Applegates list: always make sure the cell phone bill is paid, and the battery is fully charged.The wait after you dial the number of those so called road side assistance providers can exhaust both you and your phone battery, leaving you high and dry.

    I’m most pleased Ms. Applegates unfortunate incident had a happy outcome too, once more restoring my faith in humankind that although we may otherwise disagree on a wide variety of things there’s no one in a critical situation most of us wouldn’t come to the aid of.

    . It’s a happy place in human relationships where color, religion, and position in this oft cruel world we all call home, goes neutral.

  4. Jagtech says:

    Glad you met some fantastic people out there. But dump the AMA, and find an alternate service. Their motto “when seconds count, help is only minutes away”.

    • biff says:

      funny again, jag 🙂 while off the positive note of the letter, i have had ama for almost 20 years, and used them twice, once running out of gas on a nice day in the pass almost that long ago – waited about 30 mins – and then a few months later in a cold snap and waited about an hour. other than that, i had ama tenants insurance and feel i had very good service while the mess got sorted. since then, i have been lucky to not need them for the car or the 15 years of owning a home, although the rates for each seem to climb quite generously and far greater than the rate of inflation.

  5. already extinct says:

    biff, I have been with AMA since a membership cost $13.00. I used them plenty as a starving kid driving a wreak that almost daily either needed a tow, a flat fixed, or something else.

    Todays AMA is a shadow of its original self, although I maintain a relationship for travel purposes, I have little confidence in those running the outfit today as few of them know anything about, or care about, human relationships, interactions or the complexities of which they involve themselves in – its just a 8 to fiver – FYI – in the local shop you can’t beat the service provided by Devin in registries, young guy old school, unusually adept.

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