April 22nd, 2018

NDP no longer champions for seniors

By Letter to the Editor on January 13, 2018.

The NDP has been hijacked by the special-interest groups. They have taken away the non-repayable grants for seniors to repair and stay in their homes, regardless of their income.

Yet you see and hear all the media reports about non-repayable grants to certain projects and friends to their liking. It’s no different than the previous two Alberta governments, Social Credit and PCs, had done.

Just think what Rachel Notley, Sarah Hoffman, Brian Mason, Deron Bilous and ONeil Cartier have to put up with.

As an 84-year-old voter, financial supporter and taxpayer all my life, now that I could use a little help, they are telling me to f%$# off. Amen. In other words, go away.

Is there any help out there for seniors and other underpaid citizens in similar situations?

Let’s get together and get some changes made regardless what political party is in power.

Nels Rissling


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14 Responses to “NDP no longer champions for seniors”

  1. Jagtech says:

    Don’t hold your breath… now with the UCP and the Alberta Party in the running, they will split the vote, allowing the NDP another term.

  2. already extinct says:

    Jagtech could be on to something. I’d watch where the money comes from to support the flat broke Alberta party- NDP naw – no way.

  3. Fedup Conservative says:

    So once again the NDP are getting blamed for something they had nothing to do with. The housing grants for seniors were supplied by the Federal Government , if I’m wrong let me know, but make certain you can prove it. it’s been a long time since I was involved with it. . Seniors can still get grants from our NDP government for furnaces and hot water tanks and low interest rate loans for other things.Why should Alberta taxpayers, including us seniors, be on the hook for housing repairs for other seniors. They may have family members who could help them out.. That’s like asking us to pay for their car repairs also.

    Once again the survey on the right side proves how ignorant Albertans are . Let’s give the rich foreign investors a cheap provincial tax while the UCP allows them to clean Albertans out of their oil wealth by not increasing our royalties back up to the Lougheed levels. Jason Kenney must be thrilled by the support he is getting from these ignorant people. They don’t care that they are paying the highest property taxes in Canada and higher taxes charged to the rich would help reduce that.

    Now as the boys have pointed out you can’t be any dumber than what these so-called conservatives are doing . Let’s create another Wildrose and Conservative situation, fighting between themselves while they prove how stupid they really are. The NDP must be laughing their heads off. There is nothing conservative about them. They aren’t anything like the Conservatives we proudly supported under Lougheed and Getty.

    • HaroldP says:

      Fed Up, you have proven in your statement that your knowledge of politics has been gleaned from a corn flake box! You shed no factual information only rhetoric blended entirely on your blurred vision. My suggestion, take the blinders off! For now, hang on to the rollercoaster we are on for another 16 months or so!

  4. already extinct says:

    A dumb, ignorant, stupid, senior weighing in here you bright old bulb Fed-up.

    Some of this dumb bunch I’m part of are not umbilical to any particular party, we’re connected to reason, fact, and knowing that since this provinces books were handed to spend and borrow radicalized socialists, the debt has risen to somewhere between 40 and 50 BILLION dollars, and the liability side of the provincial ledger exceeds the asset side by 10-12 BILLION.

    I agree to an extent that in all likelihood another party regardless how they brand themselves may not be the savior, able to do much to dig Albertans out of the open ended grave of financial insecurity they’re currently mired in, but they’re going to give it a shot.

    Our unfortunate experiment with socialism isn’t working, and I hold little hope that any of them can return this province to the ideals the resident, lost in the past, expert on these matters raves on about, but has no solutions for.

  5. Fescue says:

    The same ol’ people who complain about taxes all the time seem to be first with their hand out for government largesse.

  6. Fedup Conservative says:

    So because of what ignorant Albertans allowed Klein, Stelmach, and Redford do to this province the NDP are forced to take us to a 90 billion debt and fools like already just can’t understand it. If he showed any form of intelligence at all he would be looking at what Alaska and Norway have gotten for their oil wealth and realize that the NDP know that when they are able it bring the royalties back up to the Lougheed levels we can pay off this debt , likely within ten years. Didn’t he borrow money to buy a house and pay for it over a long period of time?

  7. biff says:

    one day, enough will awake to see the reality – our gov’ts serve a different master than the masses, although they do also provide some services. the massive sums through sundry forms of taxation raked in at all levels of gov’t are more than plenty to look after our fair needs – but the masters and the grafters and the thieves take too much, creating shortfalls. while this process serves to immediately fill pockets of those least in need, it also undermines the power of the masses – just like in the feudal days. it does not matter gov’ts are elected – that merely lends legitimacy to the process and outcome; it does not ensure integrity and effectiveness .

    think of it this way: how long would you tolerate a person that made many promises to you, only to let you down by not following through, and even doing things opposite to what you were promised. with gov’t this is what we have been willing to tolerate, and we feel that by getting rid of the present pack of thieving liars and putting in a replacement pack that will operate as thieving liars, we have a shining democracy. you don’t have to agree, but you have been getting stuffed at a ballot box near you.

    • already extinct says:

      This fool, failing Fed-ups intelligent test, bows his head in shame! lol.

      I’m throwing in the towel as I’m clearly no match for a political quidnunc with all the answers, but no solutions, lots of you around!

      But one more thing Fed-up if you’ll permit me sir.

      You m’man go right to the top of the comedy ratings for the month of January with your joke of the day – your love-in with the Motely Krew will end in mere months not “ten years”

      I can’t wait for your pants to light up that day.

      • Fescue says:

        Actually, already extinct, not to over-stim all of your conspiracy-addled brains, but I heard the ‘radicalized socialists’ aren’t going to hold any more elections. Apparently there is no need, now that we have achieved the pinnacle of human governance.

  8. biff says:

    the ndp are NOT socialist. NOT even close. if they were, they would have taken steps to gain ownership of utilities and resources. these are the areas of wealth and necessity in alberta. ownership of those vital areas is where the real money resides, and from where a gov’t can best ensure it can fund all the shared things that we depend on for quality of life.

    what we have is a gov’t that inherited a financial disaster, and yet it is roughly staying the course of the previous pc gov’t. even when we were basking in the last oil boom, our single biggest source of go’t revenue was from gambling. where do we feel it can now cut costs? where do we feel they can create wealth? if it cuts jobs it will create more dependencies. in what areas can it create jobs? no prior gov’t has done much to diversify the alberta economy. what should this gov’t do?

    we have been and remain content to be beholden to big oil siphoning the brunt of the real wealth out of here since klein in particular. the legacy is the environmental disaster that we are left with, that will blow up larger some time down the road, and we will be disadvantaged by being on the hook for clean up. moreover, we will have to deal with the toxic fallout, which will be a social as well as an economic disaster.

    owning resources and utilities would give us the financial base from which to control our economic destiny. we could establish reduced rates for albertans, and use market rates for exports. the former could be used to attract desirable businesses that would diversify and strengthen our economy. it would allow for reduced taxation, which in turn would reduce family debt loads, prevent deficits, and free up more family income to be rolled back into the economy. this in turn would create more jobs, which would keep the economic engines firing.

    as it stands, the only thing the ndp has emerging in its favour is that the price of oil is rising. unfortunately, as time and time before, the brunt of the wealth from another boom will land in the pockets of the few. prices will again one day fall, or worse for alberta, oil will be no longer a viable resource. we have lived through enough of the former, and the latter is inevitable one day. we can only blame the ndp for not being innovative and for not attempting to implement real control over our utilities and resources, and hence, our economic destiny.

  9. already extinct says:

    The New Democratic Party is not socialist? OK then Trigger was a mouse.

    BUT, regardless of the name attached to a party, Liberal, New Democratic Party Conservative Party whatever next creates a label and takes a shot at the pot of gold, they all have Marxist/Lenimist classless, mass control of their subject through surreal taxation, leanings, a vile program of population control the guy everyone loves to hate down south is dam determined will not prevail in his country under his watch – a very unpopular thought north of 49!!

  10. Fedup Conservative says:

    I love watching these mindless Albertans prove how dumb they really are. If you don’t think like them you are the bad guy. They attack anyone who says anything bad about their hero Ralph Klein, go around bad mouthing the Liberals, while they supported Klein for 14 years, who always bragged about being a Liberal , totally ignorant as to what he did to them and this province. And as lawyers have pointed out to me over the years they can’t come up with anything to prove that I’m wrong . Not one single fact even though I might be wrong on some occasions. They are the followers and are incapable of doing their own thinking, or smart enough to check things out for themselves. They believe everything anyone who calls himself a conservative feeds them, they don’t care what his background might be, and think it’s smart to defend their destructive policies.
    Now Jason Kenney, another former Liberal is leading them around by the nose, feeding them all sorts of lies and they believe everyone of them. They don’t care that what he is promising will take a lot more money out of their pockets, while he looks after his rich friends. Just too dumb to understand it. As a friend use to say “I wonder what it’s like to be that stupid”. I don’t want to know, they are a sad pathetic group of human beings and we are in this financial mess because of them and that’s a fact, they can’t hide..

    As comedian George Carlin use to say “Never underestimate the power of stupid people in large groups”. He was certainly right, we saw it in Alberta and senior Germans saw it in Germany in the 1930s also and it’s why Trump got elected in the U.S. . Germans point out that the second world war would never have happened , if they had listened to the German people who tried to stop Hitler and Albertans wouldn’t be in this mess if they had listened to us, or Peter Lougheed who desperately tried to stop Klein. Those of us who had, had ties to the oil industry certainly knew what was going to happen, but they wouldn’t listen to us, they were so much smarter than were are. .Now they are paying for their stupidity and trying to pretend they aren’t.

    So while Norway and Alaska enjoy the benefits of what their oil wealth is bringing them we are in financial ruin , the NDP is having to spend billions to try to clean up the mess, and the foreign oil corporations are laughing about how stupid Albertans are, but they don’t want to hear that.. They can’t handle the truth.

  11. Fedup Conservative says:

    Like me these guys are trying to put a stop to Jason Kenney, wanting to force his Reform Party Politics down our throats , while these ignorant Albertans support him. These letters have appeared in the Calgary Herald on Saturday and today .

    “Two-tiered health care isn’t popular” by Ralph Coombs. Ralph was head of the Foothills hospital when Klein destroyed our health care system and he desperately tried to stop him.

    “You can’t teach an old dog new tricks” by Mike Parker who is president of the health care science association of Alberta Like Ralph he is trying to stop Kenney also, knowing what his policies will do to Albertans financially.

    The UCP is all about bringing back Klein’s destructive polices of forcing Albertans into accepting a privatized health care and education system, while they continue to give away billions in royalties and tax breaks to their rich friends and these fools who are so willing to support them had better start thinking about what it will cost them. Doctors say they could fine themselves having to pay out $400. each per month for basic health care service . I’m sure our senior couples would love to pay $800. per month for health care while they watch their oil royalties leave this province in the billions

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