April 22nd, 2018

Coaldale benefiting from renovation of older homes

By Letter to the Editor on January 14, 2018.

In the past decade Coaldale had a number of flood events and at least once declared a state of emergency allowing them to discharge raw sewage in to the Malloy Drain. Because of this the Government of Alberta placed a moratorium on new developments in Coaldale until their storm sewer system was upgraded, limiting the supply of new homes. (I could have some of my facts wrong.) Coaldale has since embarked on a major storm sewer upgrade along with Lethbridge County focused on increasing the capacity of the Malloy Drain that may result in allowing for a development boom in Coaldale.

I feel strongly that the limited development cloud imposed by the government has had an excellent silver lining for the town of Coaldale. People who wish to live in Coaldale have been choosing to renovate/restore/update older homes, resulting in a rejuvenation of old neighbourhoods. It is awesome to see these old homes get a facelift. Too many towns that I visit, along with some Lethbridge neighbourhoods, are experiencing decay because old homes aren’t being maintained and/or updated.

I’d like to see the Town of Coaldale acknowledge this trend in recent years and possibly decide not to develop for the sake of developing. Maybe the town should continue to encourage people to renovate old homes by offering property tax breaks for people who chose to renovate their old home rather than move to a new one. I definitely think our older neighbourhoods improve in proportion to the old homes that are improved.

Derek Gayowski


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  1. IMO says:

    Worthy suggestions that may also contribute to a slow down of urban sprawl.

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