April 26th, 2018

There are options for varied radio entertainment

By Letter to the Editor on April 15, 2018.

This is in reference to a recent letter by Kirby Doktor, in which he complains about local radio’s lack of variety.

I certainly agree with many of Mr. Doktor’s opinions, having been annoyed myself many times over the years by hearing the same songs and advertisements over and over. But have no fear, Mr. Doktor, for there are alternatives available! Lethbridge has its own campus and community radio station – CKXU 88.3 FM – that is broadcast from the University of Lethbridge and operated by volunteers and music lovers like myself. The variety of music that gets played on CKXU is staggering, with dozens of specialty shows, variety shows, rock, pop, jazz and blues shows – and more.

Other quality options include the lovely CKUA, which can be heard at 99.3 FM and the CBC radio stations that broadcast via 100.1 FM and 91.7 FM. While I cannot guarantee that you will enjoy every song you hear on these stations, I can guarantee you’ll be exposed to a much wider variety of music with less repeats and less commercials, but with more Canadian, Alberta and even Lethbridge-based content. So rest assured, Mr. Doktor, your mind need not remain numb – you just need to change the station and spice up your musical diet a little.

Chris Hibbard


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2 Responses to “There are options for varied radio entertainment”

  1. biff says:

    exactly – change is always available, but one has to be open to and willing to make change happen. often, it is as simple as changing the pattern one keeps tuning into. perhaps we have come to understand change as merely a word proclaimed by politicians seeking to unseat an incumbent, only to find “change” means several more years of the same old. is it possible we have consequently become so dumbed down as to believe there is no such thing as change? to be sure, there are more important issues to address that need real change, but one can certainly start by changing the channel they feel stuck on.

  2. Resolute says:

    Good points Chris. Many of us do alternate stations during the day to get the news, weather, special events and music we want. And the CKXU, CKUA and CBC stations do offer a wider range of music than most mainstream stations. All have extended periods of programming, perhaps related to that goal to appeal to every musical taste, that simply grate on my ears. Despite occasional repetition, mainstreams are more consistent musically and do carry more local news, weather and event content so I think that explains their listener loyalty. With the occasional visit to the CKXU’s etal for variety or the CKUA blues on Friday at 9!

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