April 20th, 2018


Progress in fostering local tourism

By Lethbridge Herald Opinon on April 20th, 2018

This month’s ‘From City Hall’ column by Mayor Chris Spearman This Monday, April 23, members of city council will receive an update from the organization we established during the previous term of council to foster a more collaborative, co-ordinated approach to tourism in Lethbridge. The Lethbridge Destination Management Organization (LDMO) has assumed many of the ... Read More »

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Saying thanks to our volunteers

By Lethbridge Herald Opinon on April 18th, 2018

It’s National Volunteer Week, a time designated to celebrate and say thanks to the country’s selfless volunteers. There’s a lot of people to thank. According to Statistics Canada, there are about 12.7 million volunteers, and together, they contribute an estimated two billion hours of their time to a broad spectrum of causes. Take away those ... Read More »

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Bill 9 would ban peaceful persuasion

By Lethbridge Herald Opinon on April 17th, 2018

John Sikkema During Tuesday’s legislative debate on the NDP’s Bill 9, the term “harass” or “harassment” was used 14 times, “intimidate” 13 times, “threat” or “threaten” five times, and “block” (as in block a doorway) four times. Such is the alleged reprehensible conduct committed by pro-life activists near abortion clinics, which the NDP government boasts ... Read More »

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Two unconvincing explanations

By Lethbridge Herald Opinon on April 15th, 2018

The FBI raid on the office, home and hotel room of President Trump’s lawyer, Michael Cohen, may persuade the president that a larger, longer-lasting distraction is needed, but it’s still likely that his response to the alleged poison gas attack by the Syrian government in Douma last Saturday will be short, sharp and soon forgotten. ... Read More »

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Busy month at the Legislature

By Lethbridge Herald Opinon on April 13th, 2018

March was a busy month as we returned to the Legislature for the spring 2018 session, spent some time meeting with constituents for “constituency week,” and we now have begun our debates on budget estimates and new bills in the Legislature. Normally, MLAs from all parties rise in support (or against) bills, or offer amendments ... Read More »

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What do you say to the bereaved?

By Lethbridge Herald Opinon on April 12th, 2018

Allan Wilson The horrific tragedy of the Humbolt hockey team has moved millions of people across Canada in a remarkable outpouring of sympathy. Here in Lethbridge the roots of the respected family have directly touched more than a thousand people: former students of the father, rugby enthusiasts, education colleagues – myself included. Last month Logan ... Read More »

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Hockey bus crash resonates broadly

By Lethbridge Herald Opinon on April 10th, 2018

Canada’s hockey culture like ‘a big family’ The recent crash of the Humboldt Broncos’ team bus has touched people across the continent, and beyond – and for a number of reasons. Besides the fact of the tragic circumstances – 15 people dead, most of them young players with the Saskatchewan-based junior hockey team, including 21-year-old ... Read More »

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Latvia and language rights

By Lethbridge Herald Opinon on April 8th, 2018

Lots of countries have two or more official languages: Canada (two), Belgium (three), Switzerland (four), South Africa (11), India (23), and so on. They all have trouble balancing the competing demands of the various language groups. But Latvia has only one official language, and it has a bigger problem than any of them. “There’s no ... Read More »

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Scrutinizing the carding process

By Lethbridge Herald Opinon on April 7th, 2018

Jason Laurendeau UNIVERSITY OF LETHBRIDGE In a practice known as “carding,” or what the Lethbridge Police Service (LPS) calls “field interviews/street information checks,” officers engage with – and often detain – community members who are “observed under suspicious circumstances or if the nature of their actions and presence in an area raises the possibility of ... Read More »

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Voting marathon and why it matters

By Lethbridge Herald Opinon on April 6th, 2018

Strategy aimed at forcing action on national blunder You likely heard about the 21-hour voting marathon that took place in the House of Commons two weeks ago. What you may not have heard is why my Conservative colleagues and I forced this showdown. The reason is simple: Canadians deserve to know why a convicted terrorist, ... Read More »

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Planning in the lion’s den

By Lethbridge Herald Opinon on April 5th, 2018

Alberta’s new land-use plans Kevin Van Tighem No matter what you might think of Alberta’s NDP government, it can’t be denied that they have the courage to venture where their predecessors feared to tread. Need pipelines approved? No worries: here’s a carbon levy and an aggressive timetable for closing coal-fired generation facilities and encouraging the ... Read More »

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