September 30th, 2016

Pop Evil a force to be reckoned with — American band has new album coming out soon

By Lethbridge Herald on June 26, 2015.

Stan Ashbee
Southern Alberta Newspapers
Things are looking up for Michigan rockers Pop Evil, performing live at Average Joe’s Saturday. The band’s latest album “Up” will be released Aug. 21, as the new single “Footsteps” climbs rock radio charts from coast to coast.
“We’re excited to finally be back in Canada. It seems like it’s been forever,” said lead singer and Kingston, Ont. native Leigh Kakaty, who was previously in Lethbridge in September at Enmax Centre, as part of a Godsmack and Seether triple bill.
So far, the vocalist noted, the reception of the new music has been great, as the band recently returned from Europe and is currently on the road in Canada and will hit the U.S., with plans to continue touring until the end of the year. The new album was produced by Adam Kasper, who also produced albums from Pearl Jam, Soundgarden and Foo Fighters.
“We feel this is our best work yet. This has been the most collaborative effort we’ve had to date.
“It just seems, with all the records we’ve done — the success of ‘Onyx’ our third album kind of put us in a position this time around to really do things the way we wanted,” he said, adding the new album was recorded in Seattle, far away from home, which allowed the band to bring new and fresh ideas to the writing table.
Kakaty said the focus is to get the new music into as many hands as possible and for the band to continue growing the brand — proving to the world Pop Evil is a non-stop rock and roll force.
Pop Evil was named Billboard’s #4 Mainstream Rock Artist of 2014, had three consecutive #1 rock radio hits including “Deal with the Devil, “Trenches,” and  “Torn To Pieces,” a song written about Leigh’s father, who passed away in 2011. The band also had a fourth single off the “Onyx” album, “Beautiful,” which cracked the Top 10. The band’s anthems have also been blared over loudspeakers at NHL games, including when the Detroit Red Wings hit the ice.
Being from Ontario, Kakaty holds Canada close to his heart and his home has been very supportive of the band over the years.
“Getting closer to family and friends when I’m here is a full-circle moment for me. It’s definitely a huge part to me and the guys in the band. It’s cool — it’s been awesome to see the growth,” he said, and, in some ways the growth in Canada was quicker than in the U.S.
“We had to do it one day at a time for so long in the U.S. to finally get the band where it is now.
“It seems like we’ve had to play catch up to Canada but now it feels like it’s starting to click and connect and that makes it even more exciting that we don’t have to over saturate our markets back home in the States. We can actually get over the border here to enjoy our rock fans north of the border.”
Nowadays, Kakaty explained, the rock scene is a tad bit different than it used to be and the industry is in the midst of a transition.
“But, there’s definitely a lot of people who still believe and still come and support what we do. We’ve just got to do our part.
“We can’t focus on the things we can’t control. We’re just going to get out there and prove it live and keep working on the things we can control and that’s our live show and what we’re doing. What we do now and what we kind of do in the ‘trenches’ no pun intended, what we’re doing on the frontlines has always been our mentality,” he said.
Pop Evil’s band members also know what it’s like to live paycheque to paycheque, living and working in the mid-western United States, something, which has no doubt, kept the band grounded.
“It’s just been a lot of work and I know the band is excited to get after that. Everyone is getting really hungry and staying healthy and trying to be proactive to be in it for the long haul and we just want to work,” he said.
One of the issues, according to the front man, has been breaking into markets other than the U.S. and Canada.
“We feel there’s been a lot of obstacles for us to get to other countries and finally now, we don’t want to take that for granted.”
Presently, Pop Evil will be playing at a few festivals with Three Days Grace and headlining some venues, including Lethbridge.
 “We’re trying to headline as much as we can to showcase some of the new stuff,” noted Kakaty.
As for a live Pop Evil experience, fans can expect an almost unhealthy dose of high energy.
 “We’re energized and we were off for five months doing this album. Everyone’s excited to get back on the tour circuit,” said Kakaty.
Advance tickets for the show are $15 and can be purchased online at, or at Average Joe’s Sports Bar. Any remaining tickets will be available the day of the concert for $20. The show starts at 9:30 p.m.

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