February 17th, 2018

Strong economic base is key, says council candidate MacLeod

By Kuhl, Nick on October 7, 2017.

Shelby MacLeod is running for Lethbridge City Council. Herald photo by Tijana Martin @TMartinHerald

Nick Kuhl

Lethbridge Herald


Building an economic base to create tax revenue for sustainable spending is key, says a candidate for Lethbridge City Council, as is fiscal efficiency and collaboration.

“I can’t say that enough times,” said Shelby MacLeod, one of 29 council candidates for the Oct. 16 municipal election. “What that means is sometimes I won’t be doing the job that I did yesterday, whomever I am. Every dime that is spent by the City is money that comes from your taxes.”

MacLeod, 66, retired in 2007 after 25 years of working in with both Clint Dunford and John Gogo in the provincial government, specifically with multiple levels of administration to resolve requests from the public. >

Since retiring, she has continued “advocating for people” and believes that is what a councillor’s role should be.

“I’ve been involved in politics all my life,” said MacLeod, who has lived in Lethbridge for 28 years after moving from Taber where she raised her two children.

“I was always the behind-the-scenes person putting things together. I see myself as a peacemaker. I’m a problem solver.”

When she lived in Taber, she managed the chamber of commerce there. She was involved in the creation of the Taber Cornfest.

In Lethbridge, present day, she is involved with the Canadian Mental Health Association Lethbridge, Provincial Canadian Mental Health, Lethbridge Food Bank, Food Banks Alberta and Galt No. 8 Mine Society.

She believes social and housing issues in the city need to be addressed. MacLeod also thinks the number-one new economic driver would a convention centre, followed by a new performing arts centre.

She thinks Galt Gardens can be improved, and that better connector roads on the westside need to be advanced – specifically extending Metis Trail to the SunRidge subdivision to provide better access and mitigate traffic congestion.

“Also, work is required on 30th street to support traffic to the ATB and Leisure Centre,” MacLeod said.

“We have been slow to complete. I think we really need to get our roadways done quickly. But everything that I do will have to be through a lens of fiscal responsibility.”

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