November 23rd, 2017

CIP projects approved by city council

By Villeneuve, Melissa on May 24, 2017.

Previously-approved Projects (approved in the current 2014-2023 CIP which are underway and will carry over into new the 2018-2027 CIP:

– West Lethbridge Operations Depot Phase 2 – $3.6 million (2018) Remainder of overall $5.1-million capital budget;

– ATB Centre-Phase 2 – $35.5 million (2018-19) Remaining portion of overall $109.55-million capital budget;

– Legacy Park Construction – $2.25 million (2018) Remaining portion of overall $4.5-million capital budget for park amenities;

– Yates Centre Renewal – $7.4 million (2018) Remaining portion of overall $13.4-million capital budget.

Projects to Maintain Current Assets/Facilities:

– Parks Asset Management – $2.6 million (2018-21) Includes maintenance and replacement of aging parks infrastructure such as play equipment, pathways, furniture, parking lots etc.;

– Pathway System Connections and Extensions – $2 million (2018-21);

– Facility Assessment and Accessibility Upgrades – $400,000 (2018-21) Includes assessment of existing facilities and installation of barrier free ramps to main entrances, installation of automatic doors, reconfiguration of existing public washrooms, and installation of gender-neutral washrooms;

– Facility Assessment and Energy Efficiency Upgrades – $1.2 million – Includes energy audits and studying feasibility of improvements to City facilities that could include mechanical or electrical system retrofits and installation of renewable energy systems such as solar panels.

Planning Projects:

– Indigenous Cultural Centre Study – $300,000 (2018) Includes a feasibility plan, exploring location and meaningful community engagement;

– Recreation and Culture Master Plan Update – $350,000 (2018) Consolidate and update both the 2007 Recreation and Culture Facilities Master Plan and the 2013 Recreation and Culture Master Plan;

– Accessibility Master Plan – $350,000 (2018) The development of an Accessibility Master Plan that encompasses public right-of-ways at City-owned facilities, in parks, etc. and connections from private to public realm;

– River Valley Accessibility Study – $100,000 (2018) A feasibility study on specialized transportation in the river valley.

New Community Projects:

– Transit/Regional Park ‘n Ride Terminal – $17 million (2018-19) Includes a fully accessible downtown transit terminal with at least 3 levels for commuter parking, public washrooms and commercial lease space. This is 100 per cent funded through grants and parking operations;

– Bark Park – $600,000 (2018) A fenced, off-leash dog park to be located on a 3.5-hectare (8.6-acre) parcel in Legacy Ridge;

– School Gymnasium Upsize – $1.7 million (2018-19);

– New School Site Development – $3.4 million (2018-19) Landscaping and sports field development at new school sites identified in the Crossings area of west Lethbridge and in southeast Lethbridge, east of Fairmont;

– West Lethbridge Operations Depot-Phase 3A – $7.8 million (commencing 2021);

– River Valley Protective Fencing – $400,000 (2018) Define the park boundaries with standard post and cable fencing in accordance with City standards and specifications;

– Galt Museum Parking Lot Upgrade – $310,000 (2018) Renovation of Galt Museum parking lot;

– Spitz Stadium Renovation-Phase 2 – $2.3 million (2018) Includes construction of upper-level concourse, improved concession space, new press/announcer booth as well as improved accessible seating and elevator to upper concourse;

– 3 Avenue South (4-8 Street) Reconstruction – $9.7 million (2018) Redesign and redevelopment of 3 Avenue South to improve pedestrian environment with wider sidewalks, tree planting and street furniture. It will also include additional parking, promote different modes of transportation and upgrade the existing underground utilities;

– Nikka Yuko Japanese Garden Programming and Community Facility – $2.84 million (2018-19) Design and construct a new multi-purpose facility at the Henderson Lake Park – Nikka Yuko Japanese Garden. This facility will provide event and meeting space and improve cultural, historical, horticultural and other related programming and exhibits outside the Garden;

– Crossings Branch HVAC Enhancements – $208,000 (2018-19) This project includes upgrades to the ventilation system which is currently insufficient to keep the library cool during the summer months;

– Legacy Park Additional Amenities – $6.6 million (2019) Initial development is underway. This project adds amenities including: spray park, children’s discovery play area, group picnic shelter and public washrooms, ornamental garden, parking lot expansion, internal roadway and additional drop-in picnic sites;

– New Fire Station #5 – West – $9.8 million (2018-20) Construction of a new Fire Station #5 in the south end of west Lethbridge. This building would include three drive-through apparatus bays and sufficient space for parking and fire ground training;

– 4 Avenue South Enhancements – $1.2 million (2018-19) Add street furniture and creation of sidewalk “bump-outs” near existing eateries;

– Southern Alberta Art Gallery (SAAG) Facility Enhancements – $2.7 million (2018-19) Add 350 sq ft new space for programming, operational and administrative improvements and the addition of a park-oriented restaurant space;

– Shooting Sports Facility Safety Enhancements – $1.8 million (2018-19) Enhancements to make the facility function as a primary projectile management facility which both meets and exceeds current standards for shooting ranges. Projectiles fired within the facility would be captured by backstops, aerial or ground baffles or berms;

– Henderson Lake Golf Club Upgrades – $221,000 (2018-19) Replace forward tees for greater participation, build fencing, replace and maintain forestry and replace irrigation pumps;

– Performing Arts Centre – $375,000 (2018), $6.2 million (2021) Approved a planning study and the detailed design of a Performing Arts Centre;

– Exhibition Park Trade, Convention Centre & Agriplex – $2.2 million (2018-19) Design of Phase 1: Trade & Convention Centre

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