February 17th, 2018

Southern Alberta candidates’ list

By Mabell, Dave on September 22, 2017.

Following is the candidates list for civic office across southern Alberta:


Council (5 seats): Del Bodnarek, Kent Bulloch, Debra Hansen, Robin Hansen, Ian Matheson (all acclaimed). The new village council will elect a mayor.


Council (3): Ron Gorzitza, Martin Matheson, Michelle Lynn Tarditi, Ed Weistra. Council will elect a mayor.


Mayor: Maggie Kronen (acclaimed).

Council (6): Dennis Barnes, Richard Bengry, Paula Brown, Tim Court, Peter Drew, Bill Peavoy, Gerry Selk, Lloyd Stewart.


Council (3): Peggy Hovde, Stacey Hovde, JoAnne Juce, Sheila Smidt. Council will elect a mayor.


Mayor: Betty Fieguth, Doug MacPherson, Mike McAlonan.

Council (6): Keith Carlson, Donna Courage, Jamie Cutler, Shelly Ford, Alexander Meic, Gaven Moore, Lyal O’Neill, Brad Schlossberger, Lise Schultz, Craig Zimmer.


Mayor: Kim Craig, Jack Van Rijn

Council (6): Jacen Abrey, Bill Chapman, Roger Hohm, Doreen Lloyd, Douglas Page, Henry (Butch) Pauls, Briane Simpson.


Mayor: Dennis Cassie (acclamation)

Council (4): Heather Caldwell, Barbara Edgecombe-Green, Ronald Lagemaat, Sheldon Watson (all by acclamation)


Mayor: Blair Painter (acclamation)

Council (6): Marlene Anctil, Dave Filipuzzi, Doreen Glavin, Gord Lundy, Leslie McCallum, Lisa Sygutek, Dean Ward.


Mayor: Brent Feyer, Rene Gendre, Winston (Bill) Kells.

Council (6): Donna Bird, Ted Buzunis, Dee Coma, Mike Dawson, Werner Dressler Jr., Michael Dyck, Kristi Edwards, Mary Anne Gendre, Sherry Hirsche, Jim Monteith, David Orr, Robert (Joe) Rigaux, Marco Van Hulgenbos, Gord Westerholme.


Division 1: Greg Farries, Lorne Hickey, Jack Peterson, Mark Vaselenak.

Division 2: Tory Campbell, Mark Hranac, Michael Wilms.

Division 3: Henry Doeve, Bob Horvath.

Division 4: Ken Benson (acclaimed).

Division 5: Steve Campbell (acclaimed).

Division 6: Roxanne Adams, Klaas VanderVeen, Tom White, Tony Wolak.

Division 7: Morris Zeinstra (acclaimed).


Mayor: Russ Barnett, Brett Nish.

Council (6): Gerry Baril, DeVar Dahl, Roch DeMaere, Craig Godlonton, Fernando Morales Llan, Brian Oliver, Richard Vanee.


Mayor: Victor Haddad, Peggy Losey

Council (4): Donald Cody, Suzanne Leibelt, Margaret McCanna, Leonard McCulloch, Christa Runka, Philip Wright.


Council (5): Tony Aleman, Marinus de Leeuw, Don Holinaty, Melissa Jensen, Don McDowell (all acclaimed). Council will elect a mayor.


Mayor: Cathy Moore (acclaimed).

Council (4): Robert Brander, Henry de Kok, Teresa Feist, Cynthia Papworth, Joe Watson.


Mayor: Don Anderberg, Dianne Gray.

Council (6): Mark Barber, Tim Elliott, Lorne Jackson, Scott McGillivray, Sussane O’Rourke, Douglas Thornton.


Mayor: Jim Depew, Brian Eakett, Cathy Greep Needham.

Council (6): Ryan Brown, Bryce Coppieters, James Elder, Ron Fromm, Rachael Hamon, Joan Hicken Harker, Ken Heggie, Kelvin Kado, Ralph Price, Greg Robinson


Council (5): Doug Cooper, Jason Edwards, Robert Edwards, Matthew Foss, Margie Hartley, Nathan Jensen, Trevor Lewington, Kevin Nelson, Larry Nilsson. Council will elect a mayor.


Mayor: Andrew Prokop, Randy Sparks.

Council (6): Garth Bekkering, Jack Brewin, Naomi Brewin-Wiebe, Carly Firth, Mark Garner, Bo Hatch, Kevin O’Grady, John Papp, Laura Ross-Giroux, Joe Strojwas, Louie Tams.


Council (one mayor, six councillors): Kimberly Cawley (I), Linda English (I), Marilyn Forchuk (I), Richard Phillips (I), Margaret Plumtree (I).
As of press time: Town staff were awaiting direction from the Minister of Municipal Affairs as they have only received five nominees for a seven placement council.


Mayor: Tom Grant  (acclaimed)

Council (six positions): Lorna Armstrong (I), Georgia-Lee DeBolt (I), Maureen Howard, Lyle Magnuson, Michelle Roddy, Paul Taylor (I), Laura Thomas

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