November 20th, 2017

Funding approvedfor museum manager

By Kuhl, Nick on June 19, 2017.

Demi Knight

Southern Alberta Newspapers – Fort Macleod

The Fort Macleod museum is receiving the renewal of funding this year for the position of a full-time collections manager.

Over the years, the museum has annually applied for funding in November for the renewal of the position, and for several years they have been successful.

This grant is given to the museum from the Alberta Museums Association thanks to financial support of the lottery-funded Alberta Historical Resources Foundation. Sandi Davis, executive director of the Fort Macleod Museum, says it’s a needed position.

The collections manager is one of only two year-round positions available at the museum, meaning a new contract is needed to be signed each year after the funding has been received.

“All of our collections managers know they’re signing on to a one-year contract depending on renewal,” adds Davis. “They work year-round as the off season is very busy for them. They work on a lot of the archiving that the public doesn’t see.”

The collections manager is responsible for many tasks at the museum year round, from taking care of the collections, to taking in new acquisitions. It’s a position that is needed to be filled even in the months the museum isn’t open, being from November to April.

“The collections manager wears many hats, they help take good care and conservation of our collections. They make sure nothing deteriorates, whilst also keeping archives healthy and making sure we keep our inventory in order and just generally making sure everything is being taken care of. They really are quite busy,” says Davis.

The collections manager position is said to be imperative to the museum’s function. Davis believes that not only does that person play a huge part in taking care of the museum as a whole, but also for research into new artifacts.

“I think it is vital for us to have a collections manager, because without her we don’t have anyone available for research or inquiries, or someone who is qualified to handle new objects and displays.”

The Fort Macleod museum is home to a number of preserved displays of the North West Mounted Police and First Nations people that was opened in 1957.

The museum offers not only educational displays, but activities for children such as scavenger hunts, horse and goat grooming and a documentary named the The Great March, which offers the public an insight on how the NWMP marched west to abolish the whiskey trade.

The museum is closed during the winter months and opens in the spring each year from May until October.

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