April 24th, 2018

Coleman revitalizing downtown core

By Kuhl, Nick on January 14, 2018.

Demi Knight

Southern Alberta Newspapers – Crowsnest Pass

The Town of Coleman is looking to enhance their art and culture sectors in the downtown core by revitalizing and streetscaping the area.

At a Jan. 4 public meeting, the municipality of Coleman and local stakeholders came together to present the design plan to interested members of the public.

“Right now, the Streetscape Revitalization is in the design phase, and this was our first public meeting on the matter to gather feedback and public input on the concepts that we’ve put together so far,” says Patrick Thomas, Crowsnest Pass Acting Chief Administrative Officer.

“There’s been a lot of interest in the proposals for the streetscaping aspect and we received a lot of feedback from many of the people in attendance at this meeting.”

The new streetscape revitalization project came to life in Coleman after the area began to see arts and culture-oriented businesses coming in.

With the municipality already having a desire to update the downtown area thanks to deteriorating infrastructure, it was deemed this was the perfect time to blend the two projects – establishing a hub for the arts while maintaining the historic nature of – and creating more – outdoor experiences in the scenic district.

With designs already drawn up, this meeting was the perfect opportunity for local stakeholders and project managers to bring the community together to share these ideas and gather feedback before taking the project into its next phase.

“We saw a lot of people come out to the meeting,” said Thomas.

“This meeting was put on to get feedback on the concepts and different aspects of the project that we’ve done so far and from there we’ll compile all the information and feedback that we received at the meeting and reconfigure the plan before taking the plan back to council to get approval on the new elements,”

After this is complete, Thomas added that this project will consult directly with affected businesses before heading into the construction phase this spring.

The plan which will work on reconstructing the downtown area and create new opportunities for growth and representation in the arts and culture sectors is a popular subject for not only local stakeholders but the community as a whole, and many were happy to share their excitement and ideas with moving forward in this project.

“We are seeing some businesses coming back in to the area and creating a need for this project. Along with some infrastructure that was starting to deteriorate, and a want to revamp street scaping and provide a more desirable place for people to go overall,” said Thomas in summary of why this project is on the go for the Coleman area.

Thomas also added that if all goes to plan, after the construction phase beginning this spring, the estimated completion date of the Downtown Coleman Streetscape Revitalization project will be September.

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