May 20th, 2018

Alberta Party leadership candidates meeting voters

By Mabell, Dave on January 27, 2018.

Three contenders will be at city school Tuesday

Dave Mabell

Lethbridge Herald

The Alberta Party is inviting southern Albertans to meet its leadership contenders.

Its Lethbridge constituency associations will play host to “meet and greet” session on Tuesday at Coalbanks Elementary School in Copperwood.

While the three candidates will offer brief presentations, the event organizers say they hope to meet local voters “in a fun, relaxed atmosphere.”

With nominations now closed, the three are Calgary MLA Rick Fraser, Calgary energy lawyer Kara Lewis and former Edmonton mayor Stephen Mandel.

“Each candidate will introduce themselves and their vision for leadership of the party,” says the party’s southern Alberta organizer, Deirdre MacLean.

Each will also respond to written questions, she adds.

“All eyes will be on the Alberta Party for this leadership event,” she says. “We are at a pivotal point in Alberta politics.”

The session, open to all, will be held from 6:45 to 9 p.m. in Coalbanks Elementary, 249 Coalbanks Blvd. W., on the west side of Copperwood. Those wanting a guaranteed seat may send an RSVP through the party’s website,

The following evening, a similar session will be held in Medicine Hat at the Heartwood Cafe on N. Railway St. SE.

Party members will select their new leader, using a preferential online ballot, from Feb. 25 to 27.

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One Response to “Alberta Party leadership candidates meeting voters”

  1. Fedup Conservative says:

    It’s hilarious how stupid politics has become in Alberta. Once again we have these guys who pretend they are conservatives, but are nothing like the conservatives we proudly supported under Lougheed and Getty fighting each other for power promising that they have no intention of getting us out of this financial mess they put us in by bringing our oil royalties and taxes back up to the Lougheed levels, like the NDP want to do. Looking after themselves and their rich friends is what it’s all about.

    Now they want us to accept a sales tax while they continue to allow the foreign oil corporations to continue to steal our oil wealth. None of them even look at what Norway and Alaska are accomplishing with their oil wealth while we are in financial ruin. We would be fools to support them.

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