September 23rd, 2017

Former Wildrose boss Paul Hinman seeks conservative crown, but short cash

By The Canadian Press on September 11, 2017.

EDMONTON – A former Alberta Wildrose leader says he wants to run for the leadership of the new United Conservative party, but needs donations to meet the steep $95,000 entry fee.

Paul Hinman says he has to come up with about two-thirds of the money by Tuesday night, but isn’t sure he can make it.

He says the high fee is undemocratic and not consistent with a party that champions grassroots decision-making.

Hinman served two separate terms in the legislature, first as a member of the old Alberta Alliance in 2004, and later as a member of the merged Wildrose Alliance in 2009.

The Wildrose joined forces with the Progressive Conservatives earlier this summer to form the new party.

Hinman says he would stand for free votes in the legislature and protect parents’ rights in education.

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